My Sandbox Adventure Experience at Alviera

I’m an extreme sports kinda girl. I like pumping up my adrenalin with risky yet safe activities you just don’t see people do on a regular basis. I like challenging myself to the limit and do something for the thrill at least once.

When I got the invite for the special advance preview opening of the Sandbox Adventure at Alviera in Porac Pampangga I did not hesitate but said yes right away. I said “you had me at ATV rides! Sign me up. I’m joining!”

Albeit too early on a Saturday morning for a 7am meetup, it was not a problem. Service shuttle going to Alviera were stationed at the open parking lot across Trinoma Mall.

Sandbox Adventure at Alviera
Sandbox Adventure at Alviera

What is Sandbox Adventure?
It’s an outdoor activity theme park that redifines what a summer getaway is like. It is for those who dare take the physical challenge and conquer their fears, mostly of heights!

Earth, Joost, Tricia and Kira at Sandbox Adventure in Alviera, Porac, Pampangga

My adventure buddies that day was Joost, Trish and Kira. This is our before we all went through the fun chaos the Sandbox Adventure we all can’t wait to experience! Fresh and beaming! Haha!

Our first stop was the Giant Swing. You can actually ride on your own but ofcourse we went in pairs. It is way easier to endure the scare with someone to share it with!

Giant Swing

Watch this!


Giant Swing Sandbox Adventure at Alviera
Giant Swing Sandbox Adventure at Alviera

This is the country’s tallest swing ever at 10-meter high above the ground!
It looks easy but really it will turn your gut upside down!

Aerial Walk Challenge

A high rope adventure course of nets and rope walkways.


Aerial Walk  at Sandbox Adventure Alviero
Aerial Walk at Sandbox Adventure Alviera

The Aerial Walk is a series of activities that will test each users agility, balance and flexibility. An active guest can make his way through this course in about 30 minutes!

Aerial Walk at Sanbox Adventure Alviera

We could have finished the course if not for some other people ahead of us who were getting scared as the walk gets harder as you pass through one stage after anotherfibished the Aerial Walk course at Sandbox Adventure with flying colors


 ATV Rides 

Drive along the sandy rocky Alviera Property and eat dust! Haha!
ATV / UTV ride at Sandbox Adventure Alviera

This is so fun!

eat dust! ATV / UTV ride at Sandbox Adventure in Alviera
I was not able to try the Adventure Tower because of time constraints but when I go back there I’ll dare try itbout. The Adventure Tower is a 5-storey structure that consist of various activities such as rapelling, walla climbing, jump off for fhe free fall, jump off for the roller coaster zip linr and the view deck.

Avatar One was not yet open when we were there butbut will be fully operational on April 12,2015 during Sandbox Adventure at Alviera opens to the public. Avatar One Roller Coaster Zipline is the ride that takes one zipping down roller-coaster style 180-meters down! I wanna try this one!

wind blown hair Giant Kite flying at Sandbox Adventure Alviera
Aside from the above activity visitors other outdoor activity inclhdes kite-flying and kite making workshop. A childrens themed playground with picnic areas, slides, waterguns, minj-golf, biking and all sorts of outdoor activity like frisbee, rc plane and car activities!

What is Alviera?
Alviera is a 1,125-hectare townshipd development by Ayala Land and Leonio Land located at Porac,Pampangga. It envisions to become the Central Luzon business and leisure hub with schools, BPOs, recreational establishment and eesidential properties.

How much you need to pay to experience the Sandbox Adventure at Alviera?

Here is the rate card: Price range from Php50.00 to Php3,500.00

Sandbox Adventure at Alviera ratr
Do I recommend the Sandbox Adventure at Alviera?
Absolutely! For thrill seekers and those who want a different kind of adventure this summer this is the place to be. On April 12,2014 the placs will ve open to the public and Bamboo will be there to perform live!

The Sandbox Adventure is highly recommended for families and group of friends who wants agility and flexibility strenght activities. I also imagibe this is great for companies for their team building activities.

How to get there?
Here’s a sketch of the map to Alviera

sketch map to Sandbox Adventure Alviera
If you have trouble understanding the map and maybe to avail if the shuttle service, you may visit

Thank you Jingjing Romero and Mr.John Estacio, General Manager of Alviera for having us at this special advance prebiew opejing. I had a blast!

I hope to see you all visit this place soon!  I am looking forward to that rollercoaster zipline!

Stay gorgeous everyone!


There’s a new attraction at Sandbox Adventure Park:  Outdoor Archery Range read about it here!

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  1. this will be in my bucket list! I mean the list for my places to visit/travel! I am adventurous at heart and I love to try everything out 🙂

  2. A perfect place for the adventurous. I hope they will have more safety measures especially in places like this.

  3. This is another place for adventure for those people who always want to have some adrenaline rush. This is another place I wanted to visit although i don’t I can do the free fall :-).

  4. the place looks fun!! i guess you really an awesome day spcially with your coll frends doing all the things with you!

  5. I did not try anything there because I was busy taking photos of my two daughters. It was bitin for them because they only chose the area which is covered and shaded like the adventure tower. Next time, we will try the ATV!
    In your smile, I can tell you enjoyed the adventure a lot. Did you try the free fall? That surely will give adrenalin rush.

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