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Sol Republic Launch at Pismo EDSA Shangrila Mall

I have to admit, I don’t like using headphones.  I don’t like blocking the outside world and just keep everything to myself.  I like to be alert and attentive of my surrounding.   I want to be aware.

But there are times when the world outside is just too loud and the people are just too negative to deal with that you want to shut down and be by yourself and drown yourself with music. Your themesong for the day. The Soundtrack of Life (SOL)

Sol Republic Launch Manila
Sol Republic Launch Manila

SOL Republic was created with this belief and that there is a song in every sad and great moment . SOL Republic is also committed to changing the world one listener at atime by inspiring people with accessible headphones and audio equipment that produce a rich sound with competitive price.


Sol Republic headphone collaborations with Toki Doki, Michael Phelps and Steve Aoki

They also collaborated with TokiDoki, Michael Phelps and Steve Aoki to create stylishly designed headphones that produce different and unique sound outputs.

I also learned that the headbands are interchangeable so you can actually create a personalized headphone that suits your taste.

Personally I fell inlove with the Toki Doki design. It is so me fun and quirky and yes kinda girly especially the pink one.  As soon as I put it on everything else faded out all I hear is clear and crisp sound witjout having to squish my ears!


Sol Republic x TokiDoki
Sol Republic x TokiDoki

Price range? Php2,200.00 to Php15,000.00 . Visit Pismo at the new Edsa Shangrila Mall Wing to see the products personally.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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