Apl de Ap Mission and Vision for Clark Field Pampangga

Once upon a time, decades ago, when people were downright backward and racist as I put it. I was often teased and experienced “bullying” (when I don’t know the word yet) because I experienced name-calling to its meanest sense, when they call me Negra, Baluga and what nots because I was dark-skinned (morena) and being tan when colonial mentality was in, is out and ugly.  So, excuse me, and this very personal note I will say about a photograph of me and some indigenous people of Capas in  Pampangga the Aetas and Ambelling.  “Ngayon lang ako naging pinakamaputi sa pichur!”

Aple de Ap and Earthlingorgeous with the Aetas and Abelling indigenous people of Capas Pampangga

Aple de Ap and Earthlingorgeous with the Aetas and Abelling indigenous people of Capas Pampangga

Some of you may give a remark that I am so mean and racist to say that about this picture. You may say that because you are not me and you have not experienced the humiliation I felt when I was being teased as ugly coz I’m dark.  This is just the same as veing teased as fat or short or whatever label you got as a child. Take a look at this pic, I am free from all your biases and personal preferences because we are all gorgeous.

Apl de Ap and Earthlingorgeous

Yes, that is Apl de Ap and the photo was taken at Matam-Ih Restaurant in Clark.  Apl was there to forge an agreement with the Bases Conversion Development Authority (BCDA) Clark with his Apl Tree Foundation and investors from Singapore.

Apl Tree Foubdation and BCDA agreement

Apl wants to help develop and promote his visionary project with Clark to become the Queen City of the North.  Together with BCDA and his business investors they will make Claek  the tech hub of Southeast Asia as well as the center of education, technology, and entertainment.

It is great to know that someone who is already as successful and popular as Apl de Ap would want to come back to his roots and help.  I wish him the best and I support his advocacy because part if developing Clark he promises to take care of the indigenous folks and give them an equal opportunity. Kudos to you!

Apl said he also plans to bring a Lalapalooza like event gere in the Philippines and it will happen in Clark!  So watch out!  I can imagine with his influence the type of talents and entertainment people he can bring!




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