Perks of Joining Sample Room & Why Opt for a VIP Membership

Sample Room, the Philippines’ first beauty and lifestyle sampling website, has been giving Filipinos the ultimate value for money, with their “try before you buy” concept.

Perks of Joining Sample Room & Why Opt for a VIP Membership

Perks of Joining Sample Room & Why Opt for a VIP Membership

Perks of joining Sample Room 

  1. grab the latest beauty and lifestyle samples that you can also place a review of after trying them ergo the “Try Before You Buy” concept
  2. try the latest brands and products in the market!
  3. Upon signing up as a member you will get 100 free points upon registration immediately
  4. With 100 free points you can use it immediately and grab your desired samples, and upon checkout and payment of a minimal shipping and handling fee, you get your set of samples delivered to your doorstep.
  5. As you enjoy your experience trying out the samples, you are requested to review the products you have sampled, and with that, you get your points back and you get to have a chance to grab new samples again!

    -3Perks of Being A Sample Room Member

    How Sampke Room Point System Works

But why settle as a member when you can be a Sample Room VIP Member

As Sample Room is turning two years old soon, things just keep getting better with new offerings and treats for Sample Room members.

Perks of Joining Sample Room & Why Opt for a VIP Membership?

Perks of being a sample room member

Perks of Joining Sample Room & Why Opt for a VIP Membership

VIP Membership with Sample Room gives you the following benefits:


  1. freedom to choose any sample you want,
  2. avail our exclusive, limited premium samples.
  3. Get 1,000 free points reusable within two months for only P799.00, and
  4. get samples with a total value of more than P799 value every month by simply availing our sample selections!
  5. get a surprise package, that is shipped to you for free every time when you sign up and renew for your VIP membership. Be surprised and delighted with our carefully curated package just because we want to give you the best sampling experience!
  6. Get notified first of new samples to grab.
  7. Get invited in exclusive parties and events by Sample Room and brand partners

Personally, it is  comforting to know that we have Sample Room that gives us the option to try something first before we actually buy it and get committed with it, especially with beauty products. What works for other people may not work for you. Sample Room gives us the freedom nto commit or not commit to a purchase.

How about you have you joined Sample Room yet? If not, what are you waiting for?  Visit and sign up now!  You may follow them on Twitter and Instagram @sampleroomph

Happy sampling!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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