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I admit I am kinda bias to some branded and popular personal care products. It was a force of habit because it is common and/or it was the products my parents had taught me to use over the years.

However, being a blogger who blogs about beauty and personal care products has made me more experimental lately. I don’t immediately say no to a brand unless I have tried it.

Yesterday, we were at Watsons SM Aura Primiere and I was surprised to see , Socialite Tessa Prieto-Valdes wearing the Watsons sales person uniform and was welcoming people to go inside the Watsons store to explore the stores offering and why she had made the Celebrity Switch to Watsons brands.

Although often seen at the grandest parties and most exclusive events, the SeaPrincess of Twitterverse, however, remains a very smart shopper when it comes to her personal items.

#Celebswitch Watsons Switch and Save

So, I gave in and gave the Watsons labels a second look, plus the fact that those BOGO (Buy-One-Get-One) deals are so inviting.

Make the Celebrity Switch and Save #CelebSwitch

So why make the celebrity switch and save with Watsons labels?

Being Asia’s leading personal care store, they offer a wider variety of products under their label but with the most competitive price ever! Save as much as 80% on personal care items, beauty essentials, and even medicine without compromising on quality.

With such irresistible deals, the campaign has caught the attention of several celebrities who have made the Switch and Saved including Tessa Prieto-Valdes, Patty Laurel, Iya Villania and the newest addition to group, Christian Bautista.


#Celebwitch Make the Celebrity Switch and Save at Watsons

One of the items Ms. Tessa likes about the Watson’s Label is this Watsons Body Serum Whitening that instantly lightens and reduces dark spots and visible imperfections. There’s also Watsons Body Lotion Whitening Mulberry designed to nourish and helps to provide whitening effects, giving you fairer and radiant skin.

Watsons labels Switch and Save

Her bath essentials meanwhile include; Watsons Cream Handsoap Strawberry and Yoghurt that effectively cleanses and protects hands from dryness; Watsons scented cream body wash with goat milk; to gently slough off dead skin cells and helps to hydrate and brighten the skin and Watsons Milk & Salt Scrub Whitening to help enhance the skin, and exfoliate dead skin cells.

Aside from Bath Essentials, Watsons also has vitamins and supplements that Tessa recomments to keep skin looking healthy and protect it from free radical damage, like the Watsons Glutathione to lighten skin and prevent skin darkening caused by UV exposure; and Watsons Vitamin E to prevent eye disorders and help her avoid a number of diseases.

Tessa is the second Switch and Save ambassador to make a surprise visit to a Watsons store. Last April 11, 2015, singer Christian Bautista made the switch from singer to store supervisor for a day as he surprised shoppers at the Watsons Store SM Mall of Asia.

Christian choice essentials include Watsons Charcoal Toothbrush that helps remove bacteria with bristles that clean deep in between teeth and the gumline; Watsons Tartar Control MouthWash to help kill germs that cause bad breath, and prevents tartar for a cleaner mouth; Watsons Breath Strips to keep his breath always smelling fresh and Watsons Dental Floss as dentists recommends flossing at least once a day to achieve optimal oral health; and too keep him looking clean he also makes sure he brings a Watsons twin blade razors for that smooth shave.

Like Christian and Tessa, watch out for the other ambassadors Patty, and Iya to make their surprise appearances at the Watsons stores nearest you.

Model Patty Laurel has become the embodiment of practicality ever since she got married. The expectant mom shares some of her secrets to maintaining her model looks. For her hair there’s Watsons Treatment Wax to moisturize and deeply nourish hair. She also uses Watsons Milk & Salt Scrub Whitening; Watsons Collagen Q10 Intensive Moisturising & Firming Hand Cream, which contains anti-ageing Q10 and nourishing Shea Butter; and Watsons Blood Orange Hand Cream, which has anti-oxidizing properties for brighter skin. For her facial regimen she uses Watsons Facial 3 Step Mask that combines three rejuvenating therapies to bring out the beauty and make your skin clearer and more translucent and to remove her makeup there’s Watsons Big Pack Green Tea Scented Wet Tissues.

Triple Blade Disposable Razors

Lastly, there’s Iya Villania who recently celebrated the first year of marital bliss with husband Drew Arellano. Like Patty, Iya said she’s become more practical with her purchases, which eventually helped her save for more trips abroad.

Iya’s picks mostly include Watsons toiletries as well as wet and dry tissues which she often uses for work. To avoid those bad hair days she also keeps several Watsons hair products in her bag such as Watsons 3IN1 Hair Set, Watsons Round Curl Hair Brush and a Watsons Travel Hair Dryer. Her favorite Watsons product, however, is something not many women know about and is actually one of the best discoveries she’s had while shopping at Watsons—Footease!

Just like the Watsons’ celebrity ambassadors you too can maximize your purchasing power allowing you to spend more on the things you really want in life. It’s definitely a lot easier to enjoy what life has to offer when you choose to Switch and Save the Watsons way.

Watsons Label believes that with more value from hard-earned money spent on quality affordable products, every Filipino gets more savings to enjoy the other important things in life with their loved ones.

Drop by any Watsons stores and enjoy more savings with the “Shop to Save” promo. Get a free P300 coupon with a minimum single-receipt purchase of P1500 from the participating Watsons Label products and exclusive participating brands. Promo will run until May 20, 2015!

Happy Shopping!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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