Places to Visit in Puerto Galera Aside from the White Beach

I have heard a lot about Puerto Galera, it is very popular to beach party goers because of it’s close proximity to Metro Manila that you don’t have to travel by air. But believe it or not, this June 19,2015 was my first time there. I was hesitant to travel to that island because of the not so good things I have heard happening in there and the reasons why it is popular/notorious. For my first visit there I am glad I was with good a company and enjoyed other things to do and places to visit aside from the widely popular and somehow turned notorious White Beach.

Places to visit in Puerto Galera aside from the White Beach
Puerto Nirvana was our gracious host for our 3 days 2 nights visit in Puerto Galera.

Puerto Nirvana in Puerto Galera

How to get there?

To get to Puerto Nirvana take a bus from Cubao or Taft. Take a JAM Liner Bus going to the Port of Batangas. Bus fare is only Php175.00 one way. From the Batangas Port buy boat tickets at the boat terminal going to Muelle Bay. Fare is from Php280.00 one way or if you get a roundtrip ticket you will save Php60.00 Php500.00 for roundtrip. (But if you let Puerto Nirvana book your tickets you’ll save Php100.00!) Upon arriving at Muelle Bay, the tourism people or local authorities will ask you to pay Php50.00 for environmental fee. From there you take a tricycle going to Puerto Nirvana one person is Php10.00 only! Don’t let them fool you into paying Php50.00 to Php100.00!

Port of Batangas to Muelle Bay Puerto Galera

What does Puerto Nirvana look like?

Here is how the room I stayed in look like. It’s the Mindanao Room 203. It has a nice window overlooking a nice view of the beach. It is spacious enough to occupy 3 people to sleep on the extra bed/sofa bed mattress. This room rate is Php3,900.00 off season and Php4,400.00 peak season and Php5,000.00 during Malasimbo . Other room rate starts from Php1,500.00 (single regular rooms) to Php6,000.00 (family rooms).

Puerto Nirvana resort deluxe room
Take a look at this video clip:

What do I think of Puerto Nirvana

While they are not a five star hotel or have that breathtaking facilities, what I like best about Puerto Nirvana is their location. They are far away from the loud noises and pollution and population of the White Beach. I sound snotty saying this but when I go to the beach I want to enjoy the sand, sea, sun and what the best of nature has to offer. I don’t go to the beach to party like there’s no tomorrow. If I want to party I’d go to the clubs here in Manila. Plus the White Beach has been a notorious place for pick pockets and uhmmmm nasty things. If you want a nice beach area, there are more places to visit in Puerto Galera aside from the White Beach, I assure you and that is what Puerto Nirvana can show you if you book your trip there.

Puerto Nirvana Resort in Puerto Galera
Puerto Nirvana Resort in Puerto Galera

So, where to go in Puerto Galera aside from the White Beach?

Halige Beach!

This is the best place to snorkel as underwater the corals are rich and there are plenty of fishes underneath!, If you are gonna do it on your own. You will have to pay for a boat that will take you to Halige Beach from Muelle Bay (Php700.00) and from the beach area, you will have to take a smaller boat that will take you to the snorkeling area (Php200.00 per boat that can occupy 2 to 3 people, fee includes snorkeling gear).

Snorkel at Haligi Beach In Puerto Galera
This beach boast of nice creamy coral sands. Sand is still coarse as you can see corals are just starting to break. Very peaceful and serene with nice clear waters that connects to a river. A lot of Mangroves around as well. There are cottages available that you can rent for Php300 a cottage, entrance to the beach is Php50.00 each

Bulabod Beach

Bulabod Beach Bulabod River
See Bulabod Beach in this video clip:

Tamaraw Falls

One of the most photographed falls of Galera that is accessible via the zigzag highway. I will update this with photos as it was raining when we got there and the only camera we had was the Gopro of MJ. He has not shared pics from the falls yet so yeah no pic here. How Ironic!

The Mangyan Village

Less than 70 families live in this Mangyan Village we visited at Puerto Galera. Houses are made of bamboo and coconut leaves. Their livelihood is making crafts that they sell to tourist/visitors.

Visiting the Mangyan Village in Puerto Galera

Take a look at the Mangyan Village here:

The Century Old Tree

You can pass this by when you go to Tamaraw falls you can’t miss it because it is the most beautiful giant tree you will see along the zigzag road!

Century Old Tree along the Zigzag Road Of Puerto Galera

Other places to visit in Puerto Galera include the following:

TaliPanan Beach
Hanging Bridge
Tukuran Falls
Maniknik Place
The Sandbar

We were not able to visit the following Places though as we have very little time to explore everything, 3 days and 2 nights is not enough, we only experience 1/4 of the best of the island. With that said I will come back again to see what I missed.

Things to do in Galera?

If you don’t want to DIY then you can just ask Puerto Nirvana to do everything for you. They are expert and experienced at holding group tours and even company team building activities. So aside from visiting the best places you can also do activities with your office mates or friends (minimum of 20 pax) I have seen the activities they do and it was fun and engaging. Team members will have to use not just their body but their brains as well to complete the task. If you book a team building activity (min of 20) it is inclusive of the rooms and food and all transfers to each destination. To know more about the team building packages of Puerto Nirvana visit :

Team Building activities by Puerto Nirvana resort

The White Beach

But then again, just to see what the fuss is all about we pass by the White Beach, and true enough to what I have heard, the place is crowded with a lot of establishments by the beach area, the sand creamy white, was also mixed with cigarette butts (and garbage). Definitely a party place, a bigger version of Station 3 of Boracay to be exact. The beach front looks beautiful I just hope the tourism administrator and the establishments in the area starts to care about the garbage and cigarette buts around the area. It is bad for the environment.

White Beach Puerto Galera

Take a look at the White Beach

Personally what I enjoyed best during my trip to Puerto Galera was our fun rides on the speedboat from Bulabod Beach to Puerto Nirvana

Speedboat ride in Puerto Galers

Watch our speedboat ride:

Our ride at the Back of a pickup along the Zigzag Road Of Puerto Galera island!
Take a look at our ride!


Ride at the Back of a pickup along the Zigzag Road Of Puerto Galera

And the great company I was with during the entire trip!

The Gala Galera Crew
For booking inquiries and other information about Puerto Nirvana Resort, they are located at Puerto Galera Sitio Hondura Brgy. Poblacion, Puerto Galera Philippines Telefax No: (+6343) 287-34-08 Globe (+63) 917-624-86-07 Sun (+63) 922-817-2736 Office Hours: Monday-Sunday 9am-6pm Email: [email protected], [email protected] or visit

How about you have you been to the places I mentioned above? Have you been to Puerto Nirvana Resort? Have you been to Puerto Galera? If not the time is now!

Oh! if you want to splurge there is this amazing resort 5 star resort in Puerto Galera with cottage houses rate of Php32,000.00 a night! Here’s a sneak preview!

Infinity Resort Puerto Galera
Stay gorgeous everyone!

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