What Peace and Quiet Looks Like

The call of the wild beckons at all times of the year.

The rustic atmosphere speaks of chatting around a campfire, musing or dozing in front of the fireplace or preparing a meal after a day spent in nature. Dinner could well be a stringer of fish from the Lower Mountain Fork River caught earlier in the day. The chat topic might be the day’s canoeing or kayaking adventures, the fireside musings kindled by a day in the woods.

What Peace and Quiet Looks Like
Tired children staring into the flames of a campfire might be remembering their first horseback ride earlier in the day, followed by a ride on a miniature train. These are the memories they will treasure long after their favorite video games lose their luster.

Heads nod at the end of a long day spent in the fresh air and sunshine. After a nice warm shower that removes the trail dust while soothing tired muscles, there is nothing better than burrowing into a clean and comfortable bed. The cabin may be made of logs, the walls may be covered in rustic boards and the furniture may be built of unfinished wood, but the sleep is deep and dreamless.

Early-morning birdsong makes a better alarm clock than one of those jangling bedside contraptions. Open your eyes, stretch, look out the window and take your choice of a pre-dawn cup of coffee on the porch or an extra hour of precious sleep. Today there are no rules and no schedules.

At home, you can grab a bagel and a cup of coffee on the way to work and they are enough to see you through the morning. Out in the woods, revived by fresh air and a short hike, you realize that you have a real appetite for real food. Make French toast, eggs and bacon on the kitchen stove or move outside to the campfire. Either way, food never tasted so good.

What did you do yesterday? If you fished and hiked, today could be a good day to take a leisurely paddle in a canoe, followed by a visit to one of the area’s seasonal festivals. Of course, there is nothing holding you back from a relaxing day of reading a good book, drinking in the sights and sounds of the forest and taking a much-needed nap.

Stay gorgeous everyone! 

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