#WIWTD 74: BenCab Museum & Tam-Awan Village

If you want something to be timeless, valuable and a contribution to society and culture, turn it into Art.   David Dory
As part of our #aftersummer trip to Baguio City we visited the famous BenCab Museum Baguio where I was over stimulated with a lot of precious works of arts that are part of the Philippine history and the Cordillera heritage. The place was just filled with too many beautiful pieces that I can’t help myself to take photo with some of my favorite views and pieces (since I can’t take them home with me).

BenCab Museum Baguio
Ethnic Art at BenCab Museum

That tall piece of ethnic art sculpture is a symbol of stature. Only those who are rich and powerful can have this inside their homes.

Ethnic Art at BenCab Museum Baguio

The photo above was very much against the light,   I wish you can see this beautiful sculpture of an Ifugao person who is filled with the ethnic tattoo.

Ethic indigenous art BenCab Museum

Indigenous art and sculptures BenCab Museum

Contemporary art BenCab Museum

Modern impressions of the Philippine Flag

Ode to the Philippine Flag

I love what this painting says “Wag mo damdamin ang mga bagay dahil ang mga bagay walang damdamin.”

Modern art BenCab Museum

Contemporary art

The Maestro Gallery the one on my right in a red dress is BenCab’s first painting.

The Maestro Gallery BenCab Museum

The Erotica Gallery

Erotica gallery BenCab Museum

Weaving is both art and culture as it takes skills and patience to make one pattern and a whole piece. Culture as this is how the old Cordillera people make their clothes.

Weaving in Baguio

One of my dream is to be an inspiration of an artist to be able to paint me the way these women on the painting behind me have.

Cafe SABEL BenCab Museum

For now I am happy to be sketched by one of the artist at the Tam-Awan Village where we see more of the regions art and culture.

Portrait sketching at Tam-Awan Village Baguio
Artist portrait in Baguio
My portrait
Artist sketching in Baguio
Giant lizard at Tam-Awan Village Baguio
Tam-Awan Village Baguio

What I wore:
Off-the-shoulder top: Stradivarius
Skirt: Stradivarius
Petite Weave Belt: Stradivarius
Shoes: Payless Shoestring
Taken at BenCab Museum, Tam-Awan Village and Easter Weavers in Baguio City.
Taken by Kuya T our tour guide in BenLou BenCab and Omar Itay alternately
Have you been to these places before? If not you should when you visit Baguio!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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