Ladies Be Like #SportySexyGlam with Michael Kors Philippines

I have been missing my beauty blogger friends, while we communicate online, nothing beats face-to-face interaction. Good thing, Angela Nepomuceno aka Lush Angel is having her birthday blowout thrown for her by Michael Kors and also to launch the new fragrances that can bring out the #SportySexyGlam side of every women.

Angela, being a fashion and beauty blogger can put on different looks depending on her mood and occasion. I did not wonder why Michael Kors Philippines would throw a party for her.

#SportySexyGlam with Michael Kors Philippines

#SportySexyGlam with Michael Kors
It was such a fun time bonding with my beauty blogger girlfriends poor Angela was put on the spot with some trivia games about her, while us her Bully friends could not agree to the answers for each question.

#SexySportyGlam with Michael Kors
Nikki Tiu of Ask Me What’s greatly questioned Angeles so called preference for Pink lipstick. She insisted she’s lying as she is a nude lipstick kind of girl.

Angela Nepomuceno birthday bash with Michael Kors
Everyone protested with the three words to describe her especially the use of the word “Alluring” nobody seem to agree she is that.

Angela Nepomuceno birthday bash with Michael Kors
But of course we are just messing with the birthday girl, coz that’s what friends do, Bully each other hahaha! Coz we can only do that to our close friends, tell the truth even if it hurts coz we know our friends mean well. Haha!

#SportySexyGlam with Michael Kors
The party was fun especially when we were asked to play with our fave fragrance and have a selfie. Of course beauty bloggers love selfie, beauty bloggers invented selfie even before either was called a selfie!

#SportySexyGlam with Michael Kors Philippines
#SportySexyGlam with Michael Kors Philippines

With that said, Michael Kors is holding a selfie contest where you could win your favorite Michael Kors fragrance (100ml size) Just visit any Michael Kors counter at Rustan’s Makati or Shangri-La, take a selfie of your fave Michael Kors scent and post it on your Instagram (should be public) and use the hashtag #SportySexyGlam. Contest ends August 27,2015!

Just like clothes, ladies can change her look and aura with a change of a lip color and scent.

Here’s some peg for each look that Michael Kors put together for the Michael Kors new fragrance line:

Sporty: With nude lipstick and lip gloss and a musky woody fresh scent for the active and adventurous women.PicsArt_1440326324107
Sexy: Goes well with the pinkish red lipstick to pair with a fruity sweet scent to lure all the men in.
#SportySexyGlam with Michael Kors

Glam: Plum lipstick and lip gloss and a floral jasmin scent that oozes with sophistication.
#SportySexyGlam with Michael Kors

So, what type of lady are you?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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