What I Use on My Hair that is Hard to Tame

My hair has gone through all sorts of abuse. The moment I stepped out of the shower, I comb/ brush even when wet, I towel dry, blow dry and then use the curling iron. I feel bad for my hair, but my hair just can’t be tamed so I need to have it go through all these process.


Fortunately, I have a stash of Vitress Hair Solutions products that I can use for different use and occasion.

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Before using the curling Iron, I make sure to put on a pea size amount of Vitress Heat Protect Cuticle coat. Using this makes sure my hair is protected from the heat of the curling iron and will not suffer that much damage caused by the intense heat. What I like best is that aside from protecting my hair from heat, it also makes my hair shiny and not that frizzy.

Vitress Hair Solutions Hair Cuticle Review

When my hair is curled, I don’t comb or brush my hair so as not to lose the curls and waves to last the entire day. I use a small amount of Vitress Instant Relax Cuticle Coat so as to make my curly hair look soft and bouncy and not dry and frizzy. It helps tame hair that is sticking out ad it keeps my hair glossy and smooth.

Vitress Hair Solutions Hair Cuticle Review

At night time, when I’m about to sleep, I put on the Vitress Hair Repair Cuticle Coat to help prevent my hair from further damage and also to keep my hair from drying and breaking easily.

Vitress Hair Solutions Hair Cuticle Review

What I think of the Vitress Hair Solutions products:
I love the Vitess Hair Solution products because they are not greasy and does not weigh the hair down.
I love that it has powdery scent and does not have an oily smell that makes one feel hair hair is too oily or dirty, it is not a dirt magnet.

Do I recommend it?
Absolutely. If you are like me who abuses her hair to the limit, it is always recommended to have a good hair care product that is affordable, easy to use and you can grab along anywhere you go.

Vitress Hair Solutions Cuticle Coat products is available at all beauty stores and drugstores in the country. A full size 30ml with pump is sold at Php75.00 only, the 20ml pocketsize bottle is just Php49.00 only.

Vitress Hair Solutions Hair Cuticle Review

They also have the Vittess Hair Soulutions Hair Polish avalable in three variants: Long Lasting Fragrance, Sun Protect and Strengthening . I sometimes use it for my DD hair when it’s getting dull.

Vitress Hair Solutions Hair Cuticle Review

How about you, what is your favorite Vitess product and why?

Stay gorgeous everyone

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