How to Win a Vote this 2016 Elections?

How do you solve a problem like the horrendous traffic jam in Metro Manila?

I am sure each of us have an idea to share, some are brilliant too brilliant to get implemented, some are too stupid they think it’s worth a try. But in a not so distant past, during the time of the once known notorious President of the Philippines, he had a Presidential Decree that no government employee (not sure about the private sector) should be assigned to work far from the city/province they live. So he reassigned employees and have them work or live near work, they were also provided with work shuttle servixes/caravan from point a (home) to point b (work) and vice versa. My mom was one of those who benefited from this Decree.

She worked at the Department of National Defense in Camp Aquinaldo in Quezon City we used to live in Baesa, Quezon City. It was just 15 mins away from home 30 mins if heavy traffic worst time to on the road back then would be an hour, no more than that.

I grew up seeing my mom wearing stiletto, stockings and nice suit (either skirt or pantsuit) to work. She would tell me when she was still in good shape how she missed the traffic less city and how convenient, Safe, and fast public transportation was. Even before the MRT! “I could ride public transport without having my stocking run (break).”

In cases when there was bad case of traffic because of flood surge (which rarely happens as far as I can remember), the government authorities are too quick to have free rides to pickup stranded passengers. I remembered no working class ever experienced such grief on the streets, until this administration (the past 6 years).

The working class that were again stranded and desperately walked how many kilometers to get home even when they were drenched in rain are the same people who help move the economy. Is this how the government thank the people who pays taxes and work their asses to keep the country alive?

We need to ask ourselves, are we gonna suck it up or stand up for our rights. It is actually a simple problem, find the cause of traffic jam (don’t blame it on the rain, seriously, it always rain) make a lasting, working solution (not an experiment).

Whoever makes an absolute solution to the worsening traffic in Metro Manila, wins a Vote this 2016 Elections .

Do you have an idea what causes this massive traffic jam in Metro Manila? Do you have an idea how to solve it? I will appreciate your two cents no matter how absurd it is. Great inventions started as a weird imaginations.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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