#QCRocks75 Concert and #iLikeQC Grand Parade of Lights

#QCRocks75 Concert and #iLikeQC Grand Parade of Lights

When the biggest city in Metro Manila reached its 75th birthday as a city, it should be welcomed with a bang!  That said a stunning fireworks greeted the official date of the declaration of Quezon City which so ended the nights grand celebration.

This weekend, a field trip of the city with select bloggers from Metro Manila transpired. A Mardigras with city dancers from all over the Philippines danced on the streets of Tomas Morato followed by a Grand parade of lights showcasing 10 of QCs landmarks.   To cap of the celebration a  #QCRocks75 Concert featuring the country’s top rock bbs performed like Parokya no Edgar ,Rocksteady and Barbie Woman is.

Quezon City is a  Great, Green, and Growing metropolis and it deserves all the lavish celebration .

#QCRocks75 concert #iLikeQC #QC75
#QCRocks75 concert and Grand Parade of lights

Happy Quezpn City anniversary as a city #QCRocks75

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