#WIWTD 79: The Case of the Brits Red Phone Booth

It’s been more than a month since I posted an OOTD/ WIWTD but if you follow me on Instagram you can see bits and pieces of what I wore at the events I go to and where I got them. But today is particulary a special day because I want to tell you more than just what I wore, but the story of the backdrop I used for this outfit post.

Costa Coffee One World Place BGC
Yesterday was the launch of yet another branch of Costa Coffee , UK’s #1 Coffee Chain, in BGC and of course I was there with the rest of the beautiful coffee lovers in Metro Manila some even have that British accent and decent haha!

Costa Coffee BGC Costa Coffee in BGC Costa Coffee BGC
Aside from their deliciously blended coffee, my favortie was the Flat White (their best seller ) where they use the original Mocha Italia recipe, which is still slow-roasted in the Old Paradise Steet roastery in London. Costa Coffees are all handcrafted and espesso based, you can smell the aroma and body only a proper cup of coffee should have!

Costa Coffee Key Lime and Red Velvet cupcake Costa Coffee Flat White PhotoGrid_1445913365379Costa Coffee Massimo Cappuccino PhotoGrid_1445912923436
Yeah again, aside from the coffee and yummy pastries and sweets, the red Phone Booth attracted me most in the London Style inspired interiors of Costa Coffee.

Costa Coffee Brits Red Phone Booth
While comics lovers would associate the Red Phonebooth to Superman who in the early Superman Comics used the phonebooth to change outfit from Clark Kent to the Man of Steel, this red phone booth got a lot of history to boost and a lot of facts we should now.

Did you know that the red telephone box is a much-cherished symbol of Britishness. It is voted the greatest British design of all time (second is the double decker bus and third is the unicorn jack only)

Costa Coffee BGC Red Phone Booth
While these red telephone booths look really prety and iconic, most have been removed from the UK streets, with more due to disappear. Why? most of them are battered, rusting and flaky, some having stood in the sun, rain, wind and snow without any attention for three decades.

It was only in 2002 when some of them were being restored , out of the 92,000 BT payphones across the UK since the 1900’s there are 57,500 remaining, of which just 9,400 are traditional red models.

In the UK they now have this Adopt-a-Kiosk scheme, in place since 2012, which allows councils and charities to purchase a red phone box for £1, ensuring thes red phone booth stays in place even if they no longer work because people now depend on their mobile phones.

Costa Coffee BGC Red Phone Booth
If you want to adopt a red phone booth you may visit this site http://www.x2connect.com/shop/adopt.php I just don’t know how much is shipping it here in the Philippines. If you think it is worth it as an adornment interior to your business establishments, homes, or wherever maybe you can get one! It’s really adorbs and iconic.

Costa Coffee BGC opening

Supergirl Earthlingorgeous
What I wore:
Coat: Uniqlo
Top: SM Woman
Troussers: Uniqlo
Watch: Fossils
Glasses: c/o Jeman Villanueva
Taken at Costa Coffee in One World Place BGC
Taken by Jeman Villanueva

BTW, just for the opening this October 27,2015 Costa Coffee at One World in BGC is giving away FREE Mocha Frostino to anyone who orders it using a British accent. Good luck mate! Chivvy along!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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