The It Pad for the It Girl

It really is hard to be a woman, especially when the red flag is up which happens every month of our lives until we reach menopausal, which is another issue of being a woman.

Anyway, every month of our lives, we feel more easily annoyed and we are moody. It happens because we have this uncomfortable and sometimes painful monthly period that weighs our mood and physique down.

That is why we need the extra attention and love during our period. Especially if you are an active woman who is always on the go, reaching your goals, trying one thing after the other and just live your life to the fullest. Just like Isabelle Daza who was recently launched as the It girl for the It pad

Isabelle Daza Whisper Skin Love #feelthelove PicsArt_11-15-07.40.36
Belle Daza said she swears by this new pad from Whisper, the new Whisper Skin Love, the first and only pad with breathable protection.

Whisper Skin Love

  • Whisper Skin Love is designed with a gentle to skin Air Dry Cushion Topsheet for 2X air flow, for a more breathable and comfortable experience.
  • Even at 1/3rd the thickness, Whisper Skin Love guarantees 3X more absorbency by pulling wetness deep into the bottom of the pad and away from your skin, to keep you fresh and confident.

Whisper Skin Love #feelthelove Whisper Skin Love #feelthelove
Just to show us how dry and comfy can you be with this it pad, Whusper had a demo of the breakthrough technology behind the product at the event held at Chi Spa at Edsa Shangrila Hotel. They cut the pad into half and poured over some blue liquid on it and look!

Whisper Skin Love hads two variants, the regular and the overnight pads. I have tried them already it it defijitely eels very comfy, smooth and it can take a lot of blood! Normally I change 4 to 6 times day but with them on you can do 2 to 4 depending on your flow. But with the overnight pads you are assured of no leaks and you can freely do whatever you want wear whatever you want without worrying of tagos or bakat.

Work or in the office

Whisper Skin Love #feelthelove at work
Gym or working out


Whisper Skin Love #feelthelove in your travels
You can now buy and #feelthelove of the the the Wisper Skin love in all leading suoermarkets and department stores in the country for a retail price of Php69.00 or get your free samples at SampleroomPh #trybeforeyoubuy.

I’ve always been a Whisper,  how about you what’s your pads? Share o
your story in the comment section below or use #feelthelove hashtag when you post on social media.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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