How to Protect Your Luggage from Laglag Bala Scam in a Fashionable Way

Because of the laglag bala scam in Philipine airports, passengers have no choice but to make their lugggaes look like garbages by wrapping them with clingy plastic wraps just to be sure they dont fall prey to the bullet planting syndicate spotter.

How to Protect Your Luggage From Laglag Bala How to Protect Your Luggage From Laglag Bala How to Protect Your Luggage From Laglag Bala

I don’t blame them if they rather look like homess people with plastic wraps and tapes all over their luggages. It is better to be suspiciously safe than sorry and become a victim.

While the syndicate behind this scam has bot been caught yet and the airport police has not confirmed an existence of such, numbers of investigations and querries have been done, including the controversial surprise investigation by the NBI. I said controversial because the procedure was to know how these airport security handle it when they find bullets or live ammunition in a passengers luggage. One brought a bullet in his bag and the other hidbit under his socks. The scanner sounded off when the bag wasnfound with a bullet but the guy who put the bullet in his socks was not detected. The NBI people think there is something wrong there.

While your luggage may be very protected this way, it devaluates your pretty expensive luggages.

How to Protect Your Luggage From Laglag Bala Scam #suitupph
Fortunately, I have discovered one of the most fashionable item you can use to protect your luggage from laglag bala scam, a luggage cover/luggage protector from suit up Philippines.

Suit Up PH reviewHow to Protect Your Luggage From Laglag Bala Scam Suit Up PH review How to Protect Your Luggage From Laglag Bala Scam Suit Up PH review
It comes in different colors and sizes and you can have it personalized too! Price starts at Php1,560.00 for cabin size luggage.

Plus having this Luggage Cover,  you don’t have to play the guessing game identifying which is your luggage since almost all luggages are wrapped in clingy plastic wraps.

Watch this video on how to Protect Your Luggage From Laglag Bala Scam and use Suit Up Luggage cover:

Visit Suit Up to order your customized luggage cover/ protector and protrct your luggage from laglag bala scam in a fashionable way.

Have a happy and safe trip!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  • melandria romero 12/20/2015 at 9:37 pm Reply

    really fashionable and so love the idea

  • Bigwas 11/17/2015 at 3:07 am Reply

    Fashionable indeed…..while protecting your self from being a victim of laglag bala….

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