Starmobile KNIGHT Spectra: First Filipino Mobile Phone with Dual Rear Camera

The millenials are so mobile phone dependent. Why not, it is so easy to use and comfortable to bring along anywhere and everywhere. It is also a very compact companion to keep connected online and document your life through digital photography.

Starmobile Knight Spectra

However, not all smartphones are created equal. Particularly Starmobile who is the first Filipino Mobile Phone with dual rear camera. Yes, you read that right, dual rear camera! the Starmobile KNIGHT Spectra, is the most advanced Filipino camraphone with a dual rear camera, designed for photography enthusiast, the KNIGHT Spectra is just what shutterbugs need to step up and take more share-worthy pics.

When I first saw it I had to take a step back, like how does this thing works? I have to try it right there and then.

So as soon as I got my hands on it I have to play with the dual rear cams right away.

Starmobile Knight Spectra dual rear camera

The two camara modules work together to help you take photos that really stand out. Here’s how the system works: the 2-megapixel sensor gathers data like light, exposure, distance , allowing the 13 megapixel sensor to take brilliant photos more quickly and accurately.

Honestly, it was confusing to get the ropes of how to take the perfect photo like a pro with the Spectra Jerry Liao who was sitting at our table told me tips he got from the people from Starmobile. He said you need to take the shot first using the dual camera setting and then you can edit the photo using the photo editing app only available for Starmobile KNIGHT smartphones.

Starmobile Knight Spectra dual rear camera #starmobileknightspectra



It was a little tricky and takes a lot of getting used to but maybe given a few time I will learn the ropes just like what I saw from the shots by Rico Blanco.

Aside from the standout camera, Starmobile Knight Spectra is LTE capable phone, with 3GB RAM, 32GB internal memory that you can expand with a micro SD card. It has 5.5 inch full HD Amoled screen and Digital TV function. It will be sold for Php14,990.00 starting the 4th week of November!

For more information visit !

Now think of something impossible that will happen on smartphones and you might just get it, this dual camera rear cam is just one of those from someones imagination only turned to reality! Crazy I know!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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