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What’s in the Coca-Cola 2015 Signature Glass Collection

Each year, Mcdonald’s releases a collectible glass with Coca-Cola, the 2015 Coca-cola  signature glass collection is inspired by the evolution of the Coca-Cola contour bottle.  Each glass is embossed with the Coca-Cola logo and is date stamped, representing the imagery and advertising of that period.  All glasses are offered in the original and authentic Georgia Green Color.

Coca-Cola 2015 Signature Glass Collection
The 2015 Coca-Cola glass contains 6 different glasses from 1899, 1916, 1955, 1961, 1994 and the 2015.

1899-‘Coca-Cola’was created in 1886 in
Atlanta, Georgia and until 1899 was only sold as a fountain drink at soda fountains and local drugstores. With the growing popularity of the brand, there was an opportunity to bottle and
distribute. The 1899 glass design is inspired by the green Hutchinson-styled bottle produced by the Biedenharn Candy Company. It is said that this bottle may have been used to bottle’Coca-Cola’
between 1894 and 1900.

1916-From 1900-1916, straight-sided bottles in brown-amber&flint clear glass were designed for crown closures and distributed with a diamond-shaped label. The Company decided to create a distinctive bottle shape to ensure people that they were actually getting a real’Coca-Cola’. The shape of the contour bottle is inspired by a
cocoa bean and designed by the Root G lass Company of Terre Haute, Indiana. The iconic ‘Coca-Cola’contour bottle was patented on 16 Nov 1915.

1955-Ray Kroc opened the first McDonald’s restaurant on April 15,1955, at 400 North Lee Avenue in Des Plaines, Illinois. 1955 represents the beginning of a successful global partnership
between McDonald’s and The Coca-Cola

1961-In the 1960’s, the shape of the Coca-Cola contour bottle was registered as a trademark. The no return, or one-way, glass bottle was introduced in 1961.

1994-In the early 1990’s, Coca-Cola launched the successful brand slogan ‘You Can’t Beat The Real Thing’. In 1994, the ‘Coca-Cola’Polar Bear featured in Company advertising became one of
the world’s most popular symbols of’Coca-Cola’ advertising.

2015-2015 marks the 100 year anniversary of one of the most recognised and admired icons,the iconic ‘Coca-Cola’Contour bottle. It has been
quoted that this package is so distinctive by touch that even a blind man could correctly identify it. So shaped that even if broken, a person could tell at a glance what it was.

Coca-Cola 2015 Signature Glass Collection
Collect your Coca-Cola 2015 Signature Glass Collection at McDonald’s, just buy an extra-large meal and add Php29.00 to get a glass, collect all six (cannister case not included).

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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