The LANEIGE Younger Tomorrow Event in Singapore (Part 2) : What is Baby Triangles

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Laneige younger tomorrow is a promise. I had a wonderful sleep in my hotel room at the South Beach and was happy to see the immediate effects of the LANEIGE Perfect Renew Regenerator on me. I literally had an I woke up like this moment and I went to breakfast without having to put on the regular CC cream I use to make my skin look fresh and bright.

Laneige Perfect Renew Regenerator
We had a delicious and filling breakfast at the ADHD located at the Basement level of the hotel. You can check out the breakfast spread in this video.

After breakfast went back to room to freshen up and get ready for the product presentation where we get to see the entire delegation for the event, I think there was more than a hundred attendees.

Laneige Global Event for A Younger Tomorrow Laneige Global Event for A Younger Tomorrow
At the product presentation, we learned about the science behind the Laneige Perfect Renew Regenerator Line and why it is the product they are reinforcing in the Asian Market . To reinforce the Laneige Younger Tomorrow campaign.

The Laneige Brand Marketing team discussed the reason behind stenghtening their anti-aging line. They said it is because the definition of what’s beautiful has changed over time, especially in Asia.  What once was a continent obsessed with whitening products has shifted to a fixation on everything anti-aging or someting to delay the signs of aging. Eversince LANEIGE held global media events launching their best global product especially of the Perfect Renew line, they saw a shift on consumer demand for anti-aging products.

#laneigesparklingparty #perfectrenew #YoungerTomorrow Laneige Younger TomorrowLaneige Younger Tomorrow
The AMORE Research and Development team together with Singapore A*Star had a very interesting discovery about skin aging. It’s all about the Baby Triangles. When the skin is young , on a microscope it looks like a lot of baby triangle shapes on your skin. But the triangular shapes on your skin change as part of the aging process, the baby-triangles observed on youthful skin disappears.

So they developed the Skin Rebirth Technology the PYRCR1 which uses Galangin that effectively activates the skin energy and metabolism. Scence is just amazingly impressive!

Skin Rebirth Baby Triangles #perfectrenew PicsArt_11-21-12.49.41PicsArt_11-21-12.50.23
After the product presentation, we were all lead to the other building for a deeper discussion about the product where we get to talk with the LANEIGE Brand Manager and the R&D Team about the product.

Then to other fun part of the Laneige Younger Tomorrow day! K-Beauty Class and DIY’s!

The K-Beauty Class discussed about Korean Beauty trends (KPOP) and how KBeauty is not just taking Asia by storm but it is actually a beauty trend being watched out world wide. The workshop was super fun because the Laneige Senior Makeup Artist was so entertaining and she even explained the reason behind putting on the makeup in that manner. Like the example she used on putting the eyeliner not on top of the lids but behind the lashes so when the guys look at you they will comment “Wow this girl has really nice eyes and she is not even wearing an eyeliner!” That kind of comments!

Laneige Global Event for A #YoungerTomorrow #laneigesparklingparty #perfectrenew PicsArt_11-21-12.55.20#youngertomorrow Laneige Perfect Renew RegeneratorPicsArt_11-21-05.04.08Laneige Global Event for A #YoungerTomorrow #laneigesparklingparty #perfectrenew
We also had a DIY Bag charm workshop where we created our own bag charms! We all had fun making our own design out of the materials they gave us, I wasnt able to finish my charm because it was lunch thereafter and our facilitator as very strict with our time!

Lunch was also held at ADHD, it was a sit down lunch where they served a three course meal, apetizer, main course and dessert followed with either coffee or tea. Lunch was one of the best part as we were able meet new friends! The delegates from Korea! I actually tagged them on their IG accounts @damsluv @rudelulu and @2dawn . What a small world really as @2dawn had met and know Mond Rodriguez and Laureen Uy as they have been on a trip in Israel.

Laneige Global Event for A #YoungerTomorrow #laneigesparklingparty #perfectrenew Laneige Global Event for A #YoungerTomorrow #laneigesparklingparty #perfectrenew
After lunch our coordinator immidiately called us to go straight to the Makeover/ Pampering Sessions. Yes!

The room was already full but luckily I got a slot at the makeup room. They used all Laneige product of course.

After the makeup I had my hair did! I love what she did to my hair!

We all went back to have a one-on-one discussion with te Laneige Division Senior Vice President.

Laneige Global Event for A #YoungerTomorrow #laneigesparklingparty #perfectrenew Laneige Global Event for A #YoungerTomorrow #laneigesparklingparty #perfectrenew Laneige Global Event for A #YoungerTomorrow #laneigesparklingparty #perfectrenew
And after that we all head back to our room to relax, freshen up and change for the Gala Dinner where we all dressed up for the formal Gala Dinner!

Post about the #laneigesparklingparty dinner up next…

Meanwhile you can read the about Laneige Perfect Renew Regenerator on this post, for Part 1 of my Laneige event coverage you may click here.

You may also watch this video

Say gorgeous everyone!

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