Libon App: Call Worldwide w/o Signal + A Giveaway

Have you heard of Libon App? It’s a VoIP service that makes you make and receive calls anywhere in the world at the lowest rate ever and yeah they boast that even without a signal you can get and make that call.  Read on…

When my sister was still working abroad, we relied on Skype to communicate with each other. We don’t do phone calls much as we know how expensive overseas call is to or from the Philippine to and from anywhere in the world.  More often than not, my sister and I gets frustrated because the internet signal here in the Philippines is really bad, sometime we make do with Facebook chat just so we can talk.

I am glad she is home now and we don’t have to face this kind of problem as we see each other everyday now.  But what about the 2.2 million Overseas Filipino Workers (as of 2014 statistics) around the world who are dying to hear the voice of their loved ones or see them online via internet chat.

Libon App for iOs and Android

I stumbled upon the Libon app, which startd as a voicemail service and now it offers voice calls and instant messaging.  The app is available for download on iOS and Android and is currently available in 140 countries.

When I did my research I found out that with Libon even without reception/signal, you’ll still be available on your phone, thanks to a little VoIP magic.  But if you don’t like the idea of being always available to everyone, you can have the call redirected to voicemail as well, based on who’s calling.  Pretty cool right.

Some of the countries you can use the Libon App:

Libon App review and giveaway

This is perfect for OFW in the United States, Hong Kong , Middle East or wherever in the world, as they can make calls in the Philippines with  the Libon Out calls which is very affordable at $1.99 for 25 minute calls to a Globe or TM number in the Philippines. With Libon you only need an internet connection on your mobile (on Wi-Fi or using a mobile data plan) to enjoy very low prices to call landlines and mobiles in Manila, Davao, Cebu and everywhere else in Philippines.

Visit here to find out the rates.

For Globe subsribers in the Philippines you may want to download the app as the rates are amazingly low.  For Php100.00 only you can enjoy 25 minutes of call to anyone anywhere in the world. Php250.00 is good for 100 minutes of calls while Php500.00 is good for 500 minutes of calls, isn’t that great.

Libon is available to download via Google Play for Android devices or for iOs for Apple Gadgets  for free.

You may want to see a short video of Libon in action  you may visit this site:  Or you may follow their Social Media sites Facebook: or Twitter:

But wait there’s more!

Libon App

Just so you can try how amazing Libon App is I am giving away 1000 minute calls free to the first 10 people who will leave a comment on this post.  The free minutes* will be given to you once you download the app. I will be needing your numbers for this if you are the winner. * *

*Subject to the country of residence, the minutes may vary slightly. ** You don’t have to post your number on the comment section right away, I will send you a private message if you are the winner so I can get your number.

This is such a timely giveaway as I know the Holiday Season is the best time to surprise a loved one, friend or relative from far away with an unexpected call!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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