#EGinBohol with Nivea Sun #NiveaSunProtects

Nivea Sun invited a handful of online personalities, lifestyle magazines and celebrities to a kick-off to summer 2016 event in Bohol.

It was my first time in Bohol and this trip is one of those I can’t forget.  It all started on our flight from Manila to Tagbiliran airport.  While it was all sunny , with gorgeous blue skies in Manila, it was rainy and gray in Tagbiliran Airport.  The flight was shakey because of so many airpockets.  A few minutes after we were suppose to land in Bohol, the pilot said we have to land in Mactan Cebu instead. The airport and its runway had zero visibility and it was impossible to land there.

We parked at Mactan Airport for an hour and a half before the pilot informed us that it was okay to fly back to Tagbiliran.  The weather was crazy that day .   After leaving Cebu, we learned that flights going to Cebu were canceled because of the bad weather.  We landed in Bohol safe and sound and the sun was up! Hooray!

#EGinBohol with Nivea Sun #NiveaSunProtects

Nivea placards waved at us outside the airport while we were waiting for our luggages.  Two big tourist buses came as our service to our first destination, Bohol Bee Farm  where we had our late lunch.  We arrived at the Bee Farm about almost 2pm.  A short welcoming remarks and reminders of itenerary from Nivea happened while having lunch.  And we had a very quick look at the place.

#EGinBohol #NiveaSunProtects Bohol Bee Farm

#EGinBohol #NiveaSunProtects Bohol Bee Farm

Bohol bee farm

Before we know it we were back in the bus to Belleveu Pavillion of Bellevue Resort and Hotel in Panglao Bohol.  Belleveu was our home for the entire trip.

We did not check in immediately as we were a bit delayed in our schedule .  A little press briefing and warm-up game about the Nivea Sun products happened.  It was to test if we were all listening during the press presentation and surprisingly, despite being tired and all everyone was attentive.  A tie-breaker had to happen which is to show a pictorial depicting how they will enjoy the summer with Nivea Sun!  We also had a raffle of which Bohol Adventure activities we will be doing.  There was land and water activities and my group got the Water Activities.

It was already dark when we checked in the hotel.  My room mate was Trice Nagusara!  To our surprise , a welcome gift from Nivea Sun products was  waiting for us!

#EGinBohol #NiveaSunProtects Bellevue Beach Resort

I love our room, it was so spacious and homey, bonus points was the nice bath tub that I was very eager to soak in after the long day we had.  But dinner first coz we were all starving.  Surprisingly, I did not take a lot of food shots at the Lamian Restaurant of Belleveu Resort the whole time we had breakfast, lunch and dinner there for all the 3 days and 2 nights we were there!

#EGinBohol #NiveaSunProtects

Weather was very erratic that night, it was raining hard and the wind was blowing hard.  We got a text message that we will have to adjust our schedule the next day.  We were suppose to wake up at 5am and have breakfast and head straight to our first water activity which was Dolphin watching.  Unfortunately because of the bad weather, the wale watching was canceled (boohoo) .

We were divided in two groups, the teams doing the land activity left early as their venue Bohol Adventure Park is about 2 hours away from our hotel.   The water activity team left a bit later as Bohol Beach Club is just 15 to 20 minutes away from our hotel only.

It was still drizzling when we arrived at Bohol Beach Club, scattered clouds and rain showers.   But right after we regroup assigning team members to do task for our activities, the skies cleared up and it was a beautiful bright sunny day! Hooray!

#EGinBohol #NiveaSunProtects Bohol Beach Club Adventure

Some rules of the game had to be changed as they did not expect a low tide that day.  The Water Bee race (where we were supposed to ride the water bee and get the flag and back became a beach race.  We had to wear aquaboots because the beach was coral-ly.   I had slowed down our team because the boots were too big and my feet was slipping out of it!

The water team finished their task very fast.  We had Banana Boat riding , where team members will be thrown out of the boat after 10 minute ride and tasked to find flags in the middle of the ocean.  We also had frisbee and beach ball games.

Bohol Beach Club was gorgeous that we all did not miss the opportunity to have our photo shoots (#OOTD and product shots ) for our #NiveaSunPortects blog posts.  It was a fine time to test the Nivea Sun sunblock.   It was also a great bonding moment with blogger friends.

Bohol Beach Club #EGinBohol #NiveaSunProtects

#EGinBohol Bohol Beach Club

Say and I had fun trying out the Water Bee !  It was a lot of leg work to make it run but it was so much fun! Watch us pedal our way into the sea here:

Before 12 noon we were called back to our bus and head back to Belleveu Hotel.  We had to do a surprise challenge there!

I had to make up for being slow at the Beach Run.  So I made sure to finish the task assigned to me  as quick as possible.   The task was to find the 10 Nivea logo scattered inside the giant pool of Nivea Beach Balls!  They were all surprised I got out of the pool in less than 6 seconds!    Our team finished the task in less than 6 minutes.

#EGinBohol #NiveaSunProtects

After that we were allowed to freshen up and have lunch while waiting for the Land team to arrive.

I spent my free time taking a nap , soaking on the tub, and a walk and bond in the beach with beauty blogger friends who were there .

By 3PM we were called to the Belleveu Pavillion again for a very quick program, announcing the winners of the land and water challenges and the reveal of the adorable UV Sensitive Dolls!  Group shot was also in order!

Free time was beach time for everyone.  It was an opportunity for photo shoots and bonding time with blogger friends while waiting for the beautiful sunset!

#EGinBohol #NiveaSunProtects Bellevue Beach Resort

#EGinBohol #NiveaSunProtects Bellevue Beach Resort

#EGinBohol Sunset at Belleveu Resort Bohol

Dinner at 7pm and a Kick-Off to Summer party with DJ Tom Taus by the poolside happened.  We went night swimming in the pool and there was a lot of booze and fun everywhere!  This is definitely the best way to welcome summer of 2016!

#EGinBohol #NiveaSunProtects Kick-Off To Summer 2016

Everyone slept in late.  Glad nobody had a bad case of hangover.   Final breakfast at Lamian and off we go to the airport to travel back to Manila.

Myke , Jeman and I had a quick trip to the local supermarket to get our hands on local delicacies as pasalubong to our loved ones and friends.

We all left Bohol with wonderful memories and more things to look forward to when we come back to visit the province again.  I will definitely be back because I was not able to do that Zipline Biking and see the Chocolate Hills up close.  I had a glimpse of it but that was not enough!

Bohol Beach Club / Panglao Beach was a breathtaking beach.  I think it belongs to my 2nd best beaches in the Philippines list.  My first is Puerto Princesa.

Thank you Nivea Sun for taking me to Bohol! I will definitely enjoy summer of 2016 with all the Nivea Sun products you gave us.

#EGinBohol #NiveaSunProtects Nivea Sun products

I will tell you more about the Nivea Sun products and the proper way to apply them (I was surprised to know I was doing it wrong all the time!)

You may visit NIVEA.ph and follow @NIVEAphils on Twitter and Instagram for more information about the products!

Watch our entire trip in the video below:

View photo album here:


Stay gorgeous everyone!

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