Madonna In Manila Rebel Heart Tour Philippine Leg Day 1 Experience

I can die now.  Seeing Madonna in Manila live was one of the amazing things that happened in my life.  I’ve been wishing and praying and hoping for her to come in the Philippines for the longest time I could remember.  I grew up with Madonna’s songs, she was literally at every decade of my life.  Madonna is the Pop Icon, Queen of Pop that every girl in my time look up to because she embodies an empowered woman, who goes for what she wants, doesn’t take bull, say what she feels and express herself very well.

Madonna Live in Manila Rebel Heart Tour Philippines Leg Day 1

While some moral religious standards may not agree to the way she lived her life or how provocative her music videos and kinda rated r18 her use of language sometimes , but she’s been in the industry for 3 decades 32 years in the music industry is not a joke!  Nobody could beat her staying power, how she can reinvent herself but maintain her brand through the years is just amazing.

Rebel Heart Tour Philippines Manila

Madonna is the woman, every woman like me can relate to.  She’s been through a rough teenage/ adolescent life, became rebelious, and then eventually fell inlove, got married, divorced, then married again and then found herself after being broken and become a devout mother.  B*tch she’s Madonna, whatever you say, whatever you think, Millenials might not be able to relate to her but to me and the people of my time (generation x and y I think) is so very ecstatic to have seen her live and alive and still got her grooves on!


It was funny at the concert, I was noticing the age of the people who were there.  It was 30 and above.  Madonna is 57!


Madonna came down in a cage from the roof of the stage with the first  song Iconic from here Rebel Heart Album!  The audience roared with excitement!  OMG! MADONNA IS HERE!  Screaaaaammmmmm!

I even heared a male audience shout, “Madonna, I love you!  You are my first love!”

A lady at the washroom said after somebody announced the concert will be delayed for 30 minutes. “We waited for 30 years what’s 30 minutes!”

A gay guy at the VIP lounge said “I won’t miss it for world, damn she’s Madonna!  She’s MADONNA!”  and got an Amen among the audience, including me.

Madonna in Manila Rebel Heart Tour Philippines Leg Day 1

At the concert, after 8 songs, Madonna finally spoke.  “Kamusta Kayo!”  “Are you happy that I am here?”  The audience roared with a resounding yes!  “That sounded very happy!”

Our word for the day from her is “Fuck Yeah!”  Madonna said this is her expression and she uses it everytime she is inspired or gets an inspiration.  So she asked the audience that everytime she ask a question and the answer is yes, we should answer back with “Fuck Yeah!”  (You can watchin this 3 minute speach at my video uploading at my YouTube Channel).

“You didn’t think I cam here to sing just nothing more than 5 songs ?  I came here to shut this city down! Bang Bang!”  Madonna yelled!


The production was incredible. Her crosslike stage with a heart at the end (it was acutally a sphere or a dagger with a heart at the end has two entrance and exits, one in the middle and at the end where the heart is.  Dancers were impecable as well, especially the part with that bending pole, that was crazy !

Madonna Live in Manila Rebel Heart Tour Manila Philippines Leg Day 1

The show ended around 12:30 or 12-45am and it was the most incredible might of my life and seriously I can die now as I have my wish granted.  Whatever amazing things that will come my way after this is all but a generous bonus!  I must have done something good in my life to deserve this, seriously.

Thank you MMI for the concert tickets!  All the people who are going to watch the second day of the Rebel Heart Tour Philippine Leg is up for some treat, she didn’t sing Crazy For You on day 1 but she just might today.  I wish you luck and I bet you will all have a fucking great time!  Fuck Yeah!  That’s Madonna!

Madonna Live in Manila Rebel Heart Tour Philippines Leg Day 1

Madonna Live in Manila Rebel Heart Tour Philippines Leg Day 1

Madonna Live in Manila Rebel Heart Tour Philippines Leg Day 1

Meanwhile you can visit my Instagram @earthlingorgeous to see snippets of the Madonna Live in Manila Rebel Heart Tour Philippines Leg Day 1 while I wait for YouTube upload.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

Here’s the video!



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  • melandria romero 02/28/2016 at 2:10 pm Reply

    love the new layout, your so lucky to be able to watch madonna 🙂 by the way, can’t post using the facebook comment on top and the footnotes is overlapping this comment section.

    • Earth Rullan 02/28/2016 at 6:45 pm Reply

      Hi Melandria, Thank you for the feedback I’ll look into this! Indeed lucky to have seen the Queen of Pop in this lifetime!

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