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What’s behind the doors of the Ponds Institute?

I remember when I was a child, I wanted to see The Ponds Institute up close because from the commercials and features I saw when I was younger.  I remember one particular product that amazes me, the Ponds Cold Cream.  As far as I remember,  all women who go inside the institute gets really gorgeous skin.  Plus the place looks really classy that only the most elegant women can come in.   I wondered why it took them long to come here as it has been around from Tokyo, Madrid, New York and Shanghai.

The Ponds Institute in Manila

The Ponds Institute in Manila is located at the Bonifacio Global City, just beside Full Booked in BGC.  It will be open daily and on weekends where some of your favorite  Filipina Ponds Girls / Faces of the Philippines Most Beautiful celebrity like Iza Calzado, Nadine Lustre, Heart Evangelista, Rizza Mananquil-Trillo, Cheska Diaz-Kramer, Julia Barreto, Toni Gonzaga,  just to name a few will be present to assist Filipina women with their skin care concerns.  A global network of 700 researchers and scientist developed over 200 patented skincare innovation for women around the world in the institute.

I was able to get a glimpse on what to experience inside the Ponds Institute where I found out about the specific skin concern I have using their Skin Anayzer.  What’s so special about this skin analyzer is that it will give you a detailed look of your skin (what the naked eyes can see, what the UV light can see, and the skin problem concern the environment leaves on your skin)  . They will advise you about the customized skincare regimen you should use for yourself and most of them of course will be Ponds products.

The Ponds Institute in Manila
I was surprised to learn so many new things about my skin.  Before using the analyzer you will be asked some information like your name and age.  Your age will be a gauge on its calculation of your skin age and problem.  It is also best to come in with your naked face so you can get an accurate result.

The Ponds Institute in Manila

I was glad that the analyzer said my skin is younger than my biological age.  And to keep it up I just need to followthrough my skin regimen.  However, it shows a lot of whiteheads and blackheads, and how my skin is very sensitive about 98% !  So I need to use a facial cleanser with microbeads that can lift deep seated dirt from makeup and the environment.

Entering the institute is free, you can buy products recommended for you by the Skin Analyzer with the assistance of the Pnds Beauty Advisers right away or you may not (its your choice).  But buying right there and there you will get discounts you can’t get anywhere.  Free dermatologist consultations will happen every Saturday.

The Ponds Institute in Manila
Opening date is still sketchy but you may follow @pondsph on Instagram to get updated right away!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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