Ways to Charm the Women in Your Life

A few hours ago I was watching the news channel, quite relaxed on my couch with my family, listening to the reporter, suddenly alarmed me when I saw Arnab Goswami (the editor-in-chief and a journalist on an Indian news channel) at the NewsHour moderating a debate on a new law in India. It was a bit difficult for me to grasp the topic of discussion at first as everyone in the group was screaming loud to prove his/her point, but in a while, I got to know the topic through some headlines flashing on the screen. The discussion was about the new law in India on Marital Rape . It was not a new term as the cruelty of a few sick men in India has been playing with the dignity and honour of a woman for ages. Rape, domestic violence and sexual harassment were clear to us in the notion as a stranger is involved in it, but when the perpetrator is within the home, sadly the husband himself then how are we secure and safe.

It is really mind boggling how some men turn into monsters, especially with the people they promise to love, care and protect with their life.

A wife/mother has been given the most privileged position in the society, but why do people forget no matter what face a woman has, whether of a daughter, wife, mother or a sister, she needs to be given equal value and respect. She not only brings a child into the world in the form of a mother, but also nourishes him/her into a human being in all other roles. Respecting her and treating her in the best manner possible is the duty of every man, being a husband, a father, a brother and even a stranger. It is rightly said:

“ A real man never hurts a woman. Be very careful when you make a woman cry, because God counts her tears. The woman came out of a man’s rib, not from his feet to be walked on, and not from his head to be superior, but from his side to be equal. Under the arm to be protected, and next to the heart to be loved.”

Today my topic is all about respecting the lady luck of your life, being a great husband to earn the respect in return from the lady and the children. The ways to impress her, to express your love to her will be discussed and how online shopping for women helps in it would be an add-on for the men out there.

Ways to appreciate the women in your life:

The woman in your home is all busy preparing food for your family, washing your clothes, cleaning the utensils and rearing your children up, she hardly gets time to think about her own self. Her weight has increased since marriage, her skin of the hands has turned harder, she has undergone a C- section, wrinkles on the face and dark circles have turned her look dull, but she has not left off her duties and responsibilities towards you and your family. She is performing them with the same strength and courage what she had when she came into your life. Now it is your turn to pull up the socks and make her feel special and privileged in your life. Buy her some latest fashion for women, spend some time online shopping for women, or gift her some gorgeous clutches online, and just feel the delight on her face to see you doing something for her. What could be done to achieve the bliss, let us see:-

A romantic date: Well to start with, to please her a number of options are there. But to plan one out of them is a tricky job. She is hardly fond of your work and money, what she needs are your time and care and to do this, take her out to a romantic date all alone. She has been missing that company of yours for very long, so spend a few hours with her somewhere alone. Order her favourite wine, chose her favourite restaurant and offer her the best food you both love. Going on a date without a gift would not be a pleasing option, now to surprise her more look for some latest fashion for women online, dresses, tops, accessories, whatever she likes the best or you think she needs to accentuate her outlook, purchase for her. Pack it with all the love and keep it in front her dressing area and ask her to adorn it for the night. She will be amused and astonished and a long, tiring day would be converted into a memorable night for her.
One option to gift her could be this Black Click dress from stalkbuylove.com which would be a gorgeous outfit for her to remind her of the romantic moments she has spent with you in her early days of marriage. She would try her best to look as gorgeous as she can and would make the dress complete for you. Styled with black pumps and a golden belt would polish the ensemble.

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A surprise gift:  Gifts are those expressions of love which would never fail to impress her, whether a small one or a big one, a reasonable one or an expensive one, she is the one who would feel the love and concern for the gift rather than the materialistic value concerned to it. Online shopping for women is a great medium to buy gifts for her to make her happy. The latest fashion for women includes various handbags and accessories which are truly loved by a woman irrespective of her age and profession. Simply buy a gift online and let it come to her doorsteps in a beautiful packaging from the website. An unknown present in a lovely wrapping at her doorsteps would excite her that would gain you finger licking food for a couple of weeks for sure.
The gift could be a stylish and classy handbag for her which she could use to go out shopping, a vacation, meeting her friends and to her work. One such surprise for her could be the Fleur Fall Bag from stalkbuylove.com which is printed tote bag which can be used by her for various occasions. The flowery prints would keep her smiling like the flowers, the vibrant shades would brighten up her life and thoughts and the comfortable style would bring her back the balance in her smooth life. So get her today a surprise to express your feelings without words in the best possible way as I know it is harder for men to express rather impress.

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A two-day holiday:  Tired of the same schedule on a daily basis, from 5 am to 10 pm, seeing the same faces and same streets, she gets bored and frustrating. The best thing a man can do to save her from such a depressing state is to take her out on a vacation where she can come alive and live each moment fully. A two-day vacation to a small hill station or a beach resort where there is no interference of work, phones, laptops and LED screens would relax her to the best and can help you out too to save yourself from those tantrums and screaming. But do not forget to buy her something there or gift a piece of garment for the beach which she can enjoy in the hot season.

Buy her a beach melodrama dress via online shopping from stalkbuylove.com in white lace fabric. Definitely, it is going to be a cherry on the top when she would get this ready in the hotel bedroom just after she comes back from the shower and gets ready for a beach. The white color would comfort her with the bright sunshine, lace fabric would be airy and keep her cool and the mini length would make her feel young again. Let her breathe the fresh air and feel your romance while sitting on the shore of the beach resting on your shoulder in this pure white attire.

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Cook for her: The last but not the least resort to amusing her can be a little tough but not impossible for the guys. Just cook something for her which she could love in your style. The most irritating thing for a woman is to eat daily the same style of food of her own hands, she too needs a change and if the same change can be offered from her own family member and especially from the kitchen of our husband. Respecting and showing love this way is an utterly delicious style which she would remember for her lifetime.

Let her wake up to the sunshine and you present her favorite pancakes with coffee on the table with a red rose on one side of the tray and a small cute present waiting for her on the other side. Clutches online are available in marvelous styles and shapes and it can be the best morning ever for her if she gets her favorite style with her favorite breakfast. Present her the Orange Plush Clutch from stalkbuylove.com which is a vibrant yet elegant style to be paired up with her skirts and denim. She would love the orange and pink combination for a fresh and charming appeal and would make her one of the most used clutches for most of the occasions.

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So, it is time for the men to show up the respect and love for the ladies who have been the pillars of their lives. Stop blaming her for all the mistakes, restricting her to live her dreams and asking her to live all her life for others only. Give her the chance to be loved by you as the following quote says correctly:

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  • Ian Martinez 04/20/2016 at 4:43 pm Reply

    As a male victim of female domestic violence, I find your article very very selfish, it is NOT a gender issue. When a man goes to police, he finds out what few rights he has, thanks to 40 years of feminist manhaters men are likely to be arrested themselves. Many things on here are just unbelievable, ” a real man never hurts a woman” “the greatest gift to children from a father is to love the mother.”. They are all just pure narcissistic and golden uterus syndrome

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