HEYYY! How to Meet the AFAM of Your Life?


Do you want to know how to meet the AFAM  (Attractive Foreigner Around Manila) of your life?

I’m sure you do.   Especially if you are get kilig over men with colored eyes and hair with an accent.  Sighhhhh!

Well, here’s your chance .  All my single Asian lady girlfriends and readers out there, here’s a new dating app I want you to try, HEYYY!

I know some of you cringe at the thought of using a dating app because of the bad stories you hear from that other popular dating up. But I tell you,  HEYYY! is something very different .

How different you ask?

I used that other dating app for awhile, and matched with dozens one too many times.  But I only got to meet two of them since I started using it.  Why?  Because most of the men there are looking for hookups , adventure partners, fun and games, which is something I don’t want in my life.

With HEYY Dating App , which is targetted to Asian Women and Western Men.  Most of the people who join the platform are looking for a serious relationship.

Unlike Tinder that you get all types of men from all parts of the world, HEYYY! is specifically Western Men which is suited for those who like to take their chance at finding the AFAM of your life  (well actually you’ll meet men not just around Manila but around the world). Find the foreign boyfriend/ soon-to-be-husband you want for yourself.

HEYYY! was developed to change the way interracial dating scene in Asia is viewed.  You know that stereotype pre-historic view where an Asian girl marries a Western man for money, or where a Western man gets an escort woman from Asia for fun!  UGH!  I hate that!

HEYYY where Asian women meet Western men

HEYYY! is so easy to use , like Tinder but instead of swipping left or right, you swipe up or down.  Up for the profile or photo you like and down for the one you don’t.  I am still trying to familiarize myself on this app as I am so used at the other one.

What I like about HEYYY! Dating App you can share pictures and emoticons in the messenger , you can’t do that in the other app.

The profile is created using Facebook API and downloads your profile pictures instantly to create your HEYYY! profile. It does not not post anything on your Facebook wall and you can change the settings as to choose preferred age, countries, see how his/her pictures have been rated, and change your profile or shared photos from your galery or new photos taken by your camera.

The developer also made sure that there are no fake pictures, nudity, children photos etc., they also ban and block abusive profiles or profiles offering escort or find bride services , because they’re not after long term but dating for fun.

To learn more about the app you may visit the website www.heyyy.asia/app .  They also maintain a Blog where you can read success stories of some couples who were happy meeting via the app and how they met http://datingtopics.com/places-to-meet-women-to-date/

For a simplified view of what the app is all about you can watch this video:

If you want to try the app you can download it via Play Store or the App store .

Happy swipping!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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