What is #FreeLove ?

Love is encompassing.  It knows no age, color, religion, race, or sex.  So why limit what love is because of gender discrimination and preference.  I believe we support each other, make each other happy, as long as we don’t hurt anyone in the process.

#FreeLove is a campaign in support of the LGBT International Pride Month, which is June.  It showcases headshots of human beings who choose to love, in spite- and despite of.

FREELOVE is in support of the 2016 Metro Manila Pride Festival happening on the 25th of June 2016 at Luneta, Manila. To see all the gorgeous people in support of the movement and for more information please visit https://www.facebook.com/metromanilapride.


It’s that time of the year when members of the LGBT community, family, friends and allies proudly share their love in unity with the rest of the world. Asking nothing but respect – respect for life, respect for dignity, respect for basic human rights.

The LGBT are the recipients of moral judgment, discrimination, and often violence. The endless cycle continues to grow and cultivates oppression. Loving someone of the same sex remains to be forbidden and unacceptable in many parts of the world.

All  they want is to be given a chance to be.  Love freely because love is freeing.

Project Headshot Clinic and ZALORA Philippines with The Red Whistle, Metro Manila Pride and Pineapple Lab collaborated to echoe the need to freelove.  No room for hate.  face reality with boldness and screaming passion for the unconditional, immeasurable, boundless and wonderful thing that is love. So regardless of your sexual orientation and gender identity, we embrace, we acknowledge. That is what FREELOVE campaign is all about.

 ZALORA Philippines, the country’s online fashion destination, is using its platform to stand up for FREELOVE. Dedicated to supporting LGBT pride, through fashion as a powerful form of self-expression, ZALORA Philippines invites you to embrace love and shop for a cause: www.zalora.com.ph/FREELOVE

nicolo #freelove

Project Headshot Clinic or HSC is a digital platform created by photographer Niccolo Cosme in 2006. It combines stylized and conceptualized profile photos used online and socially relevant advocacies. You may check out www.HeadshotClinic.com for more details.

To see more of the beautiful photographs and people who support the campaign find us on social media  #FREELOVEph #lovewins #Pride2016 #LoveIsLove #LetLoveIn #MetroManilaPride @ZaloraPH @HeadshotClinic www.HeadshotClinic.com www.Zalora.com.ph/FREELOVE 

Lord Ramos #FreelovePh #freeloveph rodel freelove

Stay in love and gorgeous everyone!

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