How To Keep Skin Firm Longer #NIVEASkinFirmnessCheck

Does any of you know how to keep skin firm longer?

Factors as aging and losing weight can affect skins texture.  Is there really a way to keep it as supple as we were when we were a child?

Recently, NIVEA came up with a fun and creative event dubbed as the NIVEA Skin Firmness Check event .  For the event they dressed up the SM Megamall Fashion Hall as a venue for the test.

Guests were treated to a fun way of checking skin firmness through a bungee trampoline.   The trampoline is focused with high-speed cameras to capture skin movement as a person on it jumps .  The camera uses motion-tracking technology.  A stickon is placed on the thighs of  jumper and this will be the base for the firmness test.  The more the sticker stays the same position as it was when the person jumped, the firmer the skin is. 

NIVEA Brand Ambassador Gretchen Ho jumping at the NIVEA Skin Firmness Check.

They also have a lifestyle assessment  corner , the NIVEA Skin Firmness Habit Check which reveals the habits that influence the skin’s firmness.   Lack of sleep, not enough water intake, exposure to UV rays and pollution, smoking and many other factors afftects skins health.  It’s basically a quiz type thing where you get to answer the question as honest as you can and the result will be revealed after it.
How to Keep Skin Firm Longer Nivea Skin Firmness Test
After knowing the results of both test, with the supervision of dermatologist guest will be recommended to use a skin care regimen.

They recommended attendees to use the NIVEA white and firm range.  For firmer and smoother skin, they recommend  NIVEA Extra White Firming Body Serum SPF33 . While  Extra White Firming Body Serum SPF33 , with its light and non-sticky formula, helps firm skin and restore its elasticity. It contains 95% pure Vitamin C to provide radiant and fairer skin tone and firming ingredient Q10 .

How to Keep Skin Frim Longer Nivea Skin Firmness Check
With regular use of either of the two one coud keep skin firm longer .

“Our skin starts losing firmness at age 20.  NIVEA thought of this creative way to engage younger women and help them realize the need to start achieving and maintaining the skin’s best years. By letting our consumers know about the possible factors and habits that may affect their skin, we are giving them the chance to start achieving their skin’s best years,” says Jamie Sanico, Senior Brand Manager of NIVEA Body.

L-R Dr. Charisse Basilio, NIVEA Senior Brand Manager Jamie Sanico, Gretchen Ho, Kim Domingo and host Rizza Diaz.

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I did not do any of the above at the event, I was being tita and just sat at the comfy sofa full of Nivea pillows.  I am confident though that compared to people my age, I have firmer skin (talk about confidence!)  Oh wait, I did danced to the beat of the drums .   venue.

How to Keep Skin Firm Longer Nivea Skin Firmness TestHow to Keep Skin Firm Longer Nivea Skin Firmness Test

Meanwhile, I have found a new girl crush, she’s one of NIVEA’s latest brand ambassador Kim Domigo, a GMA 7 Artist Center Talent.  She’s really pretty as a doll.  And I can’t stop staring at her.  A blogger friend who was in the event even commented , “The DJ is handsome but you did not say a word.  But with Kim, you can’t stop being vocal about admiring her!”
How to Keep Skin Firm Longer Nivea Skin Firmness Test

How to Keep Skin Firm Longer Nivea Skin Firmness Test

I think I found a girl crush.

How to Keep Skin Firm Longer Nivea Skin Firmness Test
How about you, how do you take care of your skin? Do you use NIVEA?

Stay gorgeous everyone!


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    Hi Earth! I’m a loyal Nivea Creme and Nivea Pore Minimiser Facial Foam user.

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