Road Trip Checklist + A Day on the Road with Shell V Nitro+ Fuels and Mazda CX-5 #FuelConnections

And I’ve got all that I need
Right here in the passenger seat
Oh, and I can’t keep my eyes on the road
Knowing that she’s inches from me…
I love this song makes me picture what a perfect road trip looks like.

Road trips, I rarely take them so when I do, I make sure I  ride with good company, well conditioned car , have everything I need with me , an open mind and well prepared for anything that can go right or wrong on the road.

Just recently, Shell , invited us to conquer an adventure for a day.  Honestly,  I didn’t know what the adventure was until the last minute .  The fact that it rained hard the night before the trip, I was still uncertain if it will push through.

Luckily, the weather was good the next morning, sun is up and blue skies above. Everything is a go signal for this trip.  During the entire day, I got to learn the two types of road trippers. One is a Regional Explorer – the kind who likes long drives to do adventure stuff like nature treks , atv ride and the like. Then there’s the Neighborhood Wanderer , who is happy to explor whats new and hip near where she works or live for a quick getaway , this could either mean have a massage at a spa or try a new foodie places.  In this trip we got to be both.   I also realized that we need some road trip checklist to tick-on so as to have an enjoyable and smooth joy ride and here they are:

Road Trip Checklist #1:  Heavy Breakfast 

Road trip Checklist

Super heavy and delicious breakfast at Wildflour Cafe + Restauran

First on the itenerary of the day was actually our meeting place. We had  breakfast at Wild Flour Cafe + Bakery at Salcedo Makati.   We were served wth the biggest breakfast you can imagine (or well for my size it’s good for two people).  Two Eggs Sunny Side up, bunch of friend Potatoes, two slices of meat, and bread, plus egg benedict and mango crepe, juice and coffee or hot choco on the side.    After breakfast briefing was held and the adventure was revealed.  The reason of having heavy breakfast was because we are going for a long drive!   It is better to be full while on the road . Plus food is what energizes the body, so it makes sense that our brains will be more alert and functioning if we’re fueled up. No hangry moments to spoil the trip!


Road Trip Checklist #2: Have Your Itenerary Ready and Insist for a Safety Briefing

Road Trip Checklist Safety briefing

Briefing with Shell and Mazda Brand Manager at the Wildflour Cafe + Bakery

Before heading out,  it will be wise to have an idea where you are going and how to get there.  Maybe to assign who will be the navigator, to know your route, check if you have everything you need and if everyone is present. (Although a spontaneous trip can be fun at times).  It is always better to come prepared.  It is a plus when you know safety precautions and procedures while on the road and on your way. Who knows when a freak accident can happen right?  During our road trip with Shell and Mazda,  we were briefed by the safety officers of the establishment we visited. We were told of the fire emergency procedures (exits and routes)  and the nearest hospital in case of severe emergency cases that needs medical attention. 


Road Trip Checklist #3:  A Good Auto 

Road Trip Checklist #fuelconnections ShellxMazda

The Mazda CX-5 gasing up on a Shell stop-over . Photo by Speed Magazine

After having our breakfast, we were told that we will be riding/driving the new Mazda CX-5 with 97 octane, fueled by the Shell V-Power Nitro+ fuel.   This car is spacious, it fits four of us, 2 passengers on the back with a lot of space for napping, the passenger seat in front and the drivers seat.   I super love the Mazda CX-5, even though I was not able to drive it myself (as I am not a good drive I’m good at speed racing and go karts hehe!) our ride was very smooth and comfortable.  Plus point was that the Mazda CX-5 was very safety critical car as it keeps on reminding us/ me  (with it’s loud beeping sound) to put my seat belt on whenever I forget to put it on and we are on the move . It was all good . I also notice that the seatbelt tightens up when I loosen it or when I change my position in the car.


Road Trip Checklist #4:  Awesome Companions and a Great Driver

Road trip Checklist

Before we hit the road, blogger friends group shot in front of the Mazada CX-5 fueled by Shell V Nitro+ that we will use on the road trip. Photo from Aisa Ipac

I was assigned with Ana Gonzalez @anagon and Nicole Aguinaldo @nbaguinaldo on the car.  All three of us don’t drive so we were assigned a good driver with us (damn we knew his life history but we forgot to ask his name!!! we are bad sorry Kuya driver ex-OFW ex-poultry-farm-owner, sorry!) .

Road Trip Checklist

I was glad to ride with Ana and Nicole plus our driver , there never was a dull moment in the car except for the power nap times we needed to take coz of the early call time.  We were laughing, talking , singing and eating on the road, first few hours was hilarious as we have to race our way to our first pit stop because someone needs to go to the loo ASAP!


Road Trip Checklist #5:  A Map to your Route or Assign a Navigator 

Road Trip Checklist

Make sure you know where you’re going or you’ll end up nowhere and waste your precious time. It is good to carry a map that can tell you direction to your destinations with notes on pit stops (to gas up, grab a bite, or toilet break) in case your gadget is not working.   Betrer yet assign a Navigator who can read maps and point your assigned driver to the right direction.  Northbound to Pampangga our first stop-over was the Shell Gas Station in Marilao, Bulacan.  Southbound back to Manila our pitstop was the Shell of Asia before the North Expressway Tollgate.


Road Trip Checklist #6: Snacks,  Drinks,  Toiletries and a Playlist!

Road trip Checklist

Sometimes doing nothing can make you hungry.  Make sure you have stocks of snacks and drinks with you during a road trip. I remember when we were on our way to Manila, just an hour or more after having late lunch, I got very hungry . Our driver said I may have gotten stressed over the driving we did as Kuya driver admitted to driving very differently on this trip. He said he was kinda stressed because he was trying so hard to stay on the tail of the convoy.  We were car #3, so we were tailing car #2 and the traffic and other cars on the road was making it difficult for him to do so.  We hit some bumps and swerved some which he said doesn’t happen when he is driving on his tempo.

Toiletries are very important as some restrooms at stop-overs and restaurants don’t have it.  But of course Shell gasoline stations have top of the line and improved restrooms to make your breaks comfortable.

Music plays a big role on road trips as it helps you distress or set the mood during the long drive.  We did not have a Playlist on but the radio station our driver was tuned in to somehow hit the right songs that we sang along.  It was like a carpool karaoke moment kind of thing.


Road Trip Checklist #7:  Have Some Activities to Try Out 

Get your butts up and do some activity to get you more physical together.  Our conquer adventure trip wants us to #fuelconnections with each other. We went to Sandbox in Alviera in Porac, Pampangga to try out different group and individual activities.  I’ve been to Sandbox twice during their opening and when they opened up the outdoor archery range.  You can read my Sandbox Adventures on this link (click click).

Road trip Checklist

Riding the giant swing with Ana who obviously enjoyed the ride as she was on it 3 times that day! Photo by Nicole Aguinaldo

We test our limits at the gut-churning Giant Swing , it has been awhile since I tried it before and well it still made me gasp!  I think Ana enjoyed the ride lots as she was on it for 3 times!

Road Trip Checklist

Nicole, me and Ana stiking a pose after hitting our target!

Road trip Checklist #fuelconnections

Yahoo! I did not waste arrows this time! Hit the balloon and a bulls eye!

We played Archery for 30 minutes, Nicole almost gave up but because our team-spirit was high we were able to encourage her to try some more ,  she was able to pop her balloon before our time was up.  Ana got some bruises but hit the balloon as well.  I super enjoyed the archery game, lots and lots and lots!

Road trip Checklist

Best team for the Scavengers Hunt! Photo from Nicole

Road trip Checklist

Squad Goals the entire Road Trip #fuelconnections #ShellxMazda road trippers . Photo from Nicole

Road trip Checklist #fuelconnections ShellxMazda

Squad goals with the blogger friends. Myke , Nicole, Ana, Chinchin, and Aisa. Photo from Nicole

Then we played Scavengers Hunt where we had to find some cards with questions about the Shell products!  Good thing we had the Speed Magazine on our team so we were able to answer all motoring related question!




Road Trip Checklist #8:  Knowing Where to Dine

Road trip Checklist

Taken at Apu Litsunan and Restauran by Chalk Magazine

After some fun tiring activities,  you will definitely get hungry.  Make sure you know the nearest place to dine in or at least have an idea of the best places to grab a bite along the way.   Our road trip was well organized as after having our fun activities at the Sandbox , we went for a 20 minute drive to where we had our late lunch.  Apu Litsunan and Restaurant is known as one of the best restaurant in Porac, Pampangga serving traditional Filipino food.  We had litson, kare-kare, nilagang baka, Pritong Isda, Sisig, and Leche Flan .


Road Trip Checklist #9: Rest and Relax 

Road trip Checklist #fuelconnections

Squad Spa Goals , some pamper me time at The Spa! Photo from Nicole

A long drive can be very tiring (even if you are not the driver).  It was very thoughtful of Shell to book us for  rest and relaxation treat at The Spa in Bonifacio Global City Taguig.  It was also a nice time to #fuelconnections with my girl blogger friends .  We had a relaxing hand and foot massage, plus aromatherapy facial to ease any tension we had in our bodies.  I super love the foot massage, I think my sprain got better because of it.  The massage therapist assigned to me was very good.


Road Trip Checklist #9:  Socialization

While being in the car for awhile makes you connect with your fellow road trippers, sitting down and having a chill time not being on the road is different.  Instead of having your eyes on the road , you are face-to-face with each other and you can actually bond some more in a relaxed setting, say dinner and drinks.  Our last stop for this road trip was Mango Tree in BGC where we get to talk about the fun we had at the trip and talk with fellow road trippers with us that day.  No photos, we were so chill and relaxed we did not even bother to take photos!


Road Trip Checklist #10: Stay Connected 

Road trip Checklist #fuelconnections ShellxMazda

Groupfie by Myke Soon before we started the road trip take at Wildflour Cafe + Bakery

Road Trip Checklist #fuelconnection ShellxMazda

We arrived in Sandbox, of course Groupfie before my fone finally decided to sleep for the entire day!

Picture posted on your Social Media or it didn’t happen.   This is the sad cliche now in this interconnected generation.  Stay connected with your friends and family and enjoy prepaid and postpaid perks from your service provider when you gas up with Shell V-Power Nitro fuels, Shel FuelSave Gasoline, Shell FuelSave Diesel and selected Shell Lubricants.  Just gas up any Shell Quality Fuels stop-over from Php1,000 to Php2,500 for individual or  Php10,000 for PO customers or purchase Shell Lubricants and get either Unli Call, Text , Data or Rewards points from your provider (Globe, Smart, Sun, TM, TNT).  Promo period is from May 2 to July 31, 2016 only and promo is for the same site redemption only.  Ask your friendly Shell service provider for more info.

I had a real great time on this roadtrip experiencing being a Regional Explorer and a Neighborhood Wanderer all at the same time.

I hope you enjoyed my story and find myroad trip checklist and tips useful.  I would very much appreciate if you can take time to leave a comment or other suggestions you may have with regards to having a road trip.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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