Finding Better Health in Small Ways

To feel whole, it is important to feel connected to yourself. Nothing will disrupt this connection easier than an unhealthy lifestyle. What you eat plays a big role in how you experience life. Unfortunately, many diets and trends out there seem to require intense lifestyle changes on the part of the one trying to get healthy. It does not take an expert to understand that big changes can be difficult for the body to deal with. The best solution to this problem is to discover small ways to alter your habits. As you do this, you will find it easier to stick to your guns and commit to better choices. Here are a few simple ideas to get you started. See if any work for you and try out the small steps for yourself.

Condiment Confusion
Condiments can help to improve upon a bland meal, but a great deal of them are not exactly healthy. Mayo, for example, tends to be one of the more flavorful but unhealthy options in regards to condiments. This is largely due to the amount of cholesterol that can be found in most brands of mayo. Eggs, which are a staple ingredient in a great deal of this product, contain high saturated fats and cholesterol and, by proxy, so does your mayo. A great solution to this, without giving it up entirely, is switching to an eggless option. Hampton Creek puts out a product called “Just Mayo” which swaps out the eggs for plant proteins. Making this switch can help you to feel better about slathering the mayo on your next sandwich and also work to improve the level of cholesterol in your system.

Snack Attack
Everyone loves snacking. There is nothing like absentmindedly popping something into your mouth when you are working, watching television, or browsing the internet. Sadly, most people go for snack options that are not exactly healthy. Veggies can make for a tasty and nutritious snack, but making the switch is not as easy as many might hope. Produce, when purchased, tends to get forgotten about by those who are not already in the habit of eating veggies in-between meals. This means the produce will go bad before it even has a chance to be eaten. You can solve this problem by actively making vegetable prep a part of your post-supermarket routine. Instead of sneaking your veggies into the crisper, set them out and cut them up into sensible portions. Store them appropriately and you will always have a healthy and easy-to-eat snack that is waiting for you.

Control Your Metabolism
There are many factors that will work against your healthy lifestyle that you have little control over. Genetically, you are subject to whatever issues your parents and grandparents might have faced. On a personal level, your metabolism can greatly impact how you feel about your health. If you have a slower metabolism, due to your age or the nature of your metabolic systems, it means you are more likely to gain weight. This can seem disheartening, but there are many options that you can explore to improve the speed of your metabolism. Drinking green tea, for example, can do wonders to increase your metabolism. This is thanks to catechins, antioxidants that can be found in green tea. Catechins, when introduced to your system via green tea on a regular basis, can work to increase how your metabolism works. Your body will be able to transform molecules into energy in a faster way, reducing the likelihood that it will be transformed to fat first.

Juice Time
Drinking a glass of fruit juice might seem healthy on the surface, but it is not as ideal as you might believe. Fructose is a naturally occurring sugar that can be found in most fruits. Juice made up of fruit tends to have high amounts of fructose. Like all sugars, taking in too much fructose can work against your health. A simple way for you to be able to get the most from your juice is by watering it down. Diluting your drink with water will reduce how much fructose that you take in, and still allow you to reap the benefits of a nice glass of juice. You will also be able to get more from your juice, as you will not be drinking as much on a daily basis.

Every journey begins with a first step. If you want to make changes in your lifestyle, you will do wonders by starting small. Consider these tips and look at your habits for additional changes that might be able to benefit your health.


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