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Unfortunately I was not able to make it for the Oishi Snacktacular 2016 because of my beauty blogger mowdeling duties (char!).  But because I super enjoyed last years #OishiSnacktacular event, I went to sent a blogger representative to experience the event this year.

Christine Fernandez who blogs at AllAboutBeauty101, was the blogger I assigned to cover the event for me and according to her private messages, she had an #OishiOWow day at the event.  Here is the report she submitted to me.   It serves as a good guide on what to expect, how much to pay and tips on going around the venue to make the most of this spectacular event!  #EGBloggerRepReports

What you need to survive the event?

  1. Wear comfortable clothes that does not ride up or down or too loose.  This is to make sure you don’t have any outfit slip and have a photo of that embarassing moment.
  2. Money, the activities you can do at the venue is not free.  If you want to try all 8 booths make sure to have Php655.00 on hand.   Read further below to see the exact amount to pay for a specific booth you want to try.
  3. A lot of energy and maybe someone to help you carry those snacks you will get to take home from the activities !  Yes you get to take home everything you get from the games!

Here’s me at the Snack Catcher last year!

Now here’s Christine’s report and her dive into the Snack Catcher!

This year, Oishi Philippines held their Snacktacular Event at Mall of Asia Music Hall and it opened at 11AM. There are 8 booths to try that Oishi wonderfully prepared for the attendees. The event is open until July 17, 2016.

Meet and Greet the Team O Stars
There are a lot of people inside and outside the area because everyone is curious and excited to see the activities and the artists that will be attending the event. Oishi’s Team O members came namely Daniel Padilla, Kathryn Bernardo, Ramon Bautista, Alex Gonzaga and Slater Young. The Team O had their meet and greet session on stage.


Secure Your Event Passports
Upon registration to the event, you will be given a passport that you need to accomplish with a stamp given by each booths. Completing the stamps will be able to get you a T-shirt. In each activity you play will earn you points for the raffle. Top 10 highest scorers will earn prizes from Oishi.


Going Around the Event Venue Area
The nearest booth to the registration area is the Pack and Pose. Use their big size Oishi Prawn Crackers as their backdrop and enjoy taking photos and use the Hashtag #Oishisnacktacular and #OishiWow for an additional of 50 points.

#OishiSnacktacular 2016

Everyone is excited to grab hold of all the snacks your arms and legs would allow you at their Snack Catcher. Playing this game will earn you points by how many snacks you will get. One snack is equal to one point. This activity costs Php200.00 and there is a consent you need to sign that you are willing to play this game. Its definitely a must-try! It is fun and exciting!

#OishiSnacktacular 2016

Next activity, the Snack Shack! Participants will be given a 2 feet bag and you can choose your design on the choices available. One minute will be given to the players to fill up their bag. You need to be able to seal it, anything in excess will be taken back to the shelves. The points will be computed according to the weight of your bag. Playing the Snack and Shack will cost Php295.00. 

#OishiSnacktacular 2016

The Cuckoo Blaster is a game wherein you will wear a costume of a bird and you will need to catch as many balls as you can. For each ball will be multiplies to 10 and it will be your points. Playing this game costs Php100.00 and you will get a small paperbag full of Oishi products in return.

#OishiSnacktacular 2016

There are three booths for snacks/drinks. The booth “Make Your Own Snack” gives you a maximum of two choices for base and also a maximum of two flavors. Playing on this booth costs Php20.00 and you will get your customized bag of snacks in return plus 20 points.

#OishiSnacktacular 2016

Another booth for snacks is the Twirl, it reminded me of a Tetris game. In this booth, you could enjoy a Choco Chug Ice Cream with your choice of two toppings. The booth costs Php20.00 and you will earn 20 points.

OishiSnacktacular 2016

Doing all the activities made the attendees thirsty but Oishi had it covered with Oishi Slush booth, you can get their slushee in flavors Calamansi, Pomelo and Orange. The booth also costs Php20.00 and you will also get 20 points.
One of the booths called Oishi World of Wowdisplays the company’s 70 years celebration and a glimpse of their snacks all over Asia.
For the last day which will be happening on July 17, 2016, Maine Mendoza will be appearing in the event venue and play.
Oishi made the promise to make this a yearly event from now on and it is definitely something to look forward to each year!
Go ahead you have the whole day and until tomorrow to experience this #OishiOWow #OishiSnacktacular adventure!
Stay gorgeous eveyrone!
All photos by Christine Fernandez

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