Robin Padilla + Reasons to Switch to MoneyGram

Who here uses MoneyGram for their overseas money transactions?

For some reasons, I have not given MoneyGram a try when it comes to my overseas remittances transactions.  It just don’t occur to me because my clients, friends or even my sister when she was an OFW before would send using the other money transfer provider or do bank-to-bank using the swift code.

I guess the other one is more popular and aggresive with their marketing if we look a few years back.  It was only when Robin Padilla became a MoneyGram brand ambassador 4 years ago, when it became prominent and reached 12,000 locations across the Philippines.  At the moment, MoneyGram offers global network of approximately 350,000 locations in 200 countries and territories worldwide . With that number of networks available this allows Filipinos to send and receive cash from anywhere in the world.

So why make the switch to MoneyGram?

  1. Receivers can conveniently claim their remittances in the Philippines through trusted partner locations about 12,000 of them.
  2. OFW family members can now send their remittances directly to their loved ones’ bank accounts at any bank in the Philippines through MoneyGram’s cash-to-account service.
  3. Get your money within 10 minutes after transfer (subject to agent’s operating hours and compliance with regulatory requirements)
  4. Aside from being a money transfer service, MoneyGram is committed in advocacies to help improve the lives of less priviledge Filipino’s by outreach programs like book giving activities, school and home building programs in the outskirts of the country.
  5. Reaching out to OFWs and their families around the world by visiting them and providing entertainment to bring them closer to home.

MoneyGram believes in that each family member plays an active and vital role in pulling the family closer together in the absence of one or both OFW’s parents. The amount of emotional devotion that is required from them is something that both MoneyGram and Robin Padilla admire.

“I am delighted to be a part of MoneyGram once more because I believe in what they stand for. OFWs are there for their family and friends to financially assist them with life challenging situations” shares Padilla.

In the video below Robin Padilla talks about his high regards with the OFWs and their families:

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  • Nikia Wallach 10/10/2016 at 9:26 pm Reply

    Fantastic analysis ! BTW , people are wanting a Moneygram Money Order Claim Card , my husband edited a sample form here

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