Celebrate the Skin You Love #Silkamazing15

If you will meet the teenager me, she would be someone insecure of her skin color because all her bestfriends are tisay.  So, I did back then, tried those whitening products that you have to soak your skin into for 15 minutes.  Then after rinsing it off, you are still reeking off the smell of the whitening product you just used.  It was embrassing.

Lucky for this generation of teenagers, there are lots of product options out there .  One of them is Silka who just recently celebrated their 15 years in the industry.  I think they are one of the less irritating and non-smelly product back then haha!

While the brand is one of the trusted and used produt for whiteing, I am glad that as part of celebrating their anniversary they launched new product variants that don’t just focus on whitening but on moisturizing as well.

Silka premium moisturizing Lotion #Silkamazing15

The new products are

  • Silka Premium Moisturizing Lotion with SPF23, (with streak purple color)
  • Silka Moisturizing Soap with Avocado Oil and Almond Milk Protein (with purple streak color)
  • Silka Whitening Soap with Shea Butter complimenting the  Silka Whitening Lotion SPF23 with Shea Butter released in 2013.

I am glad that Silka came with not just whitening but moisturizing products that will help take care of the skin from the harmful rays of the sun.  As we all know the sun ray don’t just darken the skin, long and unprotected exposure to the sun makes it look dehydrated and eventually make you look older than you really are.

Moisturizing and sun protection is definitely important and it echoes with the launch of the new products that coincided with Silka’s 15 anniversary, and the new campaign they launched #theSkinYouLove campaign intended to inspire every Filipina to be more confident with themselves.   Silka believes that with every use of their products, everyone will come close to having the skin they love, the skin you love.

I was at the celebration held at Trinoma Mall recently, together with other blogger friends and this is what happened:  WARNING: Watch at your own risk as it involves a lot of dancing, laughing and crazy beautiful stuff !

Silka new variants are now available in all major stores and supermarkets in the country.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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