Be Your Own Bag Designer @ Timbuk2 Custom Bag Studio + #WIWTD 96

Just recently, I went bag shopping with a friend.  While she was able to grab two bags from the  store I did not get anything.  I held a couple of nice looking ones, but none of them screamed my name.  Then the thought, “how many people have the same bag?”  So, I let them go.

Incidentally,  the Timbuk2 Custom Studio Bag in Manila launch I attended was about designing your own bag yourself.  A bag that is completely unique and personalized because you created it from the silhouette,  fabric,  color,  texture,  size and everything else,  the bag will scream you!

As we entered the venue, we were handed out mock-up carton of a Timbuk2 messenger bags and was told to design it however way we want it.  The best design will get to win his own life size for real bag!

Timbuk2 Custom Bag Studio

Here’s what I come up to:

Photo by Rhea Bue (Shades of Style)
Photo by Rhea Bue (Shades of Style)

The camouflaged design bag won the contest,  the “designer”  worked hard for it since he arrived he even ignored the delicious food just to finish it.  But of course lucky strike, I won a Golden Ticket, which means I can design my own bag too and have it done for real and for free!

Immediately,  I sat on the first ever Timbuk 2 Custom Bag Studio in Manila (15th studio worldwide)  located at Bratpack in Greenbelt 5 and started browsing for silhouettes,  size, color, shape, texture, and all other elements to complete my bag. It’s overwhelming as the studio offers 9 different styles/bag silhouettes , 13 different sizes, 106 different colors, 30 different panels, and 43 different accessories, resulting in over 7 trillion permutations possible and available! 

Let me show you what to expect when making your own bag design in this video:

The  Timbuk2 Custom Bag Studio, came all the way from San Francisco U.S.A., allows customers to be their own bag designer and have it made just for them.  Since you are the one to choose how the bag will be made — from the fabric, to colors, to size and bag style, your bag is absolutely unique and one-of-a-kind!

Anyone who is interested in  having a custom Timbuk2 bag made may simply head over to the Bratpack Greenbelt 5 store where the Custom Bag Studio is located. Upon finalizing elements and components of the customized design , the bag will be made in San Francisco and shipped out for pick up in 3 to 4 weeks!

Timbuk2 Custom Bag Studio

Timbuk2 Custom Bag Studio

#WIWTD 96 Zaful Hollow Out V-Neck Lace Top

The clincher, the Timbuk2 Custom Bag Studio in Manila will only be open from July to August 2016 !  I suggest grab hold of this rare opportunity to head on to the store now!  

But no worries, they also have ready made and beautifully designed bags you can buy from the store. Timbuk2 has a cult following with travelers especially  backpackers! 

Here’s some of the available designs:

Timbuk2 Prospect

Timbuk2 custom Alcatraz Backpack

Timbuk2 custom messenger bag
Timbuk2 is founded in a San Francisco in 1989 by bike messenger Rob Honeycutt. To this day, all Timbuk2 products remain to be manufactured where it started for authenticity and commitment to drive progress in the city.

In the Philippines Timbuk2 is available at all Bratpack, ROX and The Travel Club stores in the country and exclusively distributed by Primer Group of Companies.

Timbuk2 Custom Bag Studio

Timbuk2 Custom Bag Studio is located at Bratpack in Greenbelt 5.  To know more about Timbuk2 visit Timbuk2 Philippines on Facebook or follow @timbuk2_ph on Instagram.


#WIWTD 96 from Zaful

What I wore:
Jacket and Shorts: UNIQLO

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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