Sleeping in Airports Part 1: DMK Airport Bangkok

How many of you slept in airports ?

During my recent travel to Malaysia, Thailand and Laos , I had long layover hours in Kuala Lumpur and in Bangkok. While I had the choice of commuting to a nearby hotel/hostel, the hours of my layover are dead hours and I feel much safer inside the airport than going out.

I tried squeezing myself to take some snooze in rows of chairs at lounge areas but it’s not comfy.  Plus I have to be very alert with my belongings as well so that was not really getting rest.

It was good that the Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur airports , DMK and KLM are world class airport.  They are very huge like a city in itself.  Everything you need is already there, including a sleeping quarters/ airport hotels to get the rest you need while killing time for your next flight.  So in my quest to find a good place to rest I discovered places to sleep in airports.

Where to Sleep in Bangkok Airport (DMK airport)

It was my first time in Bangkok International Airport aka Dong Mueang International Airport in Bangkok (DMK).  So upon arriving and getting my passport stamped and luggage, I went around to get a feel of the place, I had a lot of time in my hands. It was huge! There are two sides one for local/ domestic arrivals and departure and the other was for international flights.

Exploring the area I found this place, Sleeep Box by Miracle.  

Where to Sleep in Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur Airport

It is a convenient lounge and sleep area for those with long layovers without having to leave the airport.  That’s a lot of time for rest without having to rush and brace the Bangkok traffic scene!

Here’s is Sleep Box room rates

Where to Sleep in Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur Airport
Kinda pricey but look inside you will understand why.  It has facilities and looks of a nice boutique hotel room. you have your own TV, aircon and most of all bathroom!


They also have a quaint lounge cafe outside.

Where to Sleep in Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur Airport
If you have the money and want a really nice place to sleep in Bangkok airport during your layover, this place is not bad. Oh, they have free wi-fi too for their guests.

Beside Sleep Box is the food court where you can find different kinds of eats you want.  I was surprised that Burger King is a big thing here, they all suggested me to dine in there but no.  I went for a Thai diner so as to expereince authentic Thai cuisine.

Have you tried sleeping in Sleep Box yet?  How was your expeirence.  I learned they just opened when I got there this June 2016!

On my next post I will show you where to sleep in Kuala Lumpur International Airport KLM.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  • paula 08/01/2016 at 5:59 am Reply

    im thinking of trying it too! I have 7 hours waiting time before my departure, but im still thinking cause it’s quite pricey.

    • Earth Rullan 08/01/2016 at 8:16 am Reply

      Yeah kinda pricey , i thought of going around bangkok for a few but I was told of the bad traffic like EDSA in the area so I hesitated. enjoyed resting in the airport anyway

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