What’s New from the #BloggerMailBox 3 + Getting Back to Handwritten Journals

When you are juggling one too many things and don’t keep a writen journal of things, you lost track of it. I used to religiously write on my journal when blogging was not my thing yet. I would write every detail of the events that happened the entire day, plus smiley faces drawings at the end of my entry (when they’re not even called emoji’s back then). On my planner, I would note my expeses for the day, every bit of detail and even cents. Where I went, what I did, what time and with whom (some have codenames). I did that because I have this fear of losing my memory and will not remember a thing, so by writing it down, I can recall the events of the day easily. Digital cameras were not even a thing back then, so I had printed photos, lots of them.

But now, I am so digital dependent, and my sked and task are my digital calender, my photos are digital, I don’t even get handwritten love letters anymore (now they call handwriting caligraphy hah because its an ancient tradition now coz not too many write handwitten notes anymore!). I don’t even get to write my own personal journal of the day anymore and I am really sad about it. I think I need to go back to doing that, except not publish it for the world to see, just for my personal consumption. Yeah I should.

Anyway, last week, I got a couple of stuff from the #BloggerMailBox:

Avon sent over their latest innovation for their 130th anniversary, the Anew: ANew Retroactive, a cleanser, toner and cream regimen that promises to repair visible and invisible damages caused by skin aging, plus it promises to prevent future damage by proviing as mch as eight times more protetion. The Anew Retroactive harnesses the power of ocean pearl in an Avon-patented Focus Repair Technology that repairs both visible and invisible damages. ooooOOOoooo! I will definitely try this product and give you a feedback in about a month (let me take note of that so I won’t forget).

Kumori sent over a box of their latest baked goodies and pasties perfect for breakfast! Kumori makes those delish goodies that will put a smile on your face and make your tummy happy!

Kumori breakfast breads

Nestea sent over a crate of their latest tea flavors plus an invitation to join their It’s Summer Somewhere promo.


Tang also sent a crate of their latest fruit juice flavors. I love the Mango, taste like the real thing! You may want to search for the hashtag #WeAreHomeMade to see their latest digital TVC.

Tang #WeAreHomeMade

Komono gave me one of their coveted sunglasses and I’ve been using it since I got it! Komono opened their store in BGC and their products are exclusively distributed by Primer PH.

Komono sunglasses

GNC thorugh Sampleroom, sent over their vitamin plus and Vitamin C moisturizing cream, I’ll post benefits of using these products soonest!

GNC vitamin plus and Mositurizing cream

Thanks again for sending me over goodies!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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