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Recreate Spa Feels at Home with Favori


One of my favorite place is a spa.  I love the ambiance and the scent inside.  Just being there sitting makes me feel calm and refreshed.  If I have a million dollar bucks or more I want to be there everyday of my life.

But since million dollar bucks is not here yet, I will just recreate the spa feels at home using the Favori Scents package I got from my #BloggerMailBox recently.

Favori Scents are aromatherapy oils with different scents.  Each scents gives you the opportunity to recreate your favorite mood or moment.  What I love about the Favori Aroma Oils is that it is water soluble, anti-bacterial and perfect for air-conditioned rooms! It comes in different scents and available in 10ml and 50 ml bottles.  Another plus points for Favori Aroma Oils is that you can have the bottle returned at their stores (recycle and reuse!).

The aroma oils is perfect to be used with a Favori Aerators or Diffuser.   I got the Leaf Aerator and it’s perfect to amp up the mood and interiors of my room.   You may want to watch how to use the Leaf Aerator and the Aroma Oil in this video:

I love how the Leaf Aerator changes color!  It’s best to use at night before going to bed.  I am not sure if you can leave it on all night though. I haven’t tried and dared yet.  Has any of you tried it on overnight?  I don’t want to get the lights busted or the water emtied when I wake up!

Anyway, Favori has an ongoing promo, for ever Php1,000 Aroma Oils and Scents you get a stamp collect all 10 stamps and get a free Leaf Aerator!  This promo is until October 15, 2016 only!

Favori scents are available at Robinson’s Place Manila, SM Megamall, SM Marikina, SM Southmall and Market! Market!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. The leaf aerators look so cute! I’ve used mine for over 24 hours and the water-aroma solution mixture has not emptied, nor have I damaged my unit. I’ve also used this overnight and I didn’t experience any issues. They’re quite sturdy. 😀

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