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If you have been in the malls this week, I am sure you have noticed how so many shops are on end of season sale. If you are a smart shopper like me, I bet you have taken advantage of the great discounts being offered from your favorite shops.

Just this week, I was able to get all three basic pants/trousers I’m eyeing for awhile for 50% less of the regular price and I am so proud of my self. I was able to find these pants hanged like regular items but when I looked at the label Oh! My! SALE! So yes, I got the same cut in different colors for literally the price of 1 because I also used a cash coupon!

Groupon Codes

However, if you are like many who barely has time to scout shops and go through every rack to find a great deal, I am putting this out for you. Groupon, whom we all know has been online since forever, has coupon codes and deals you don’t want to miss.

  • Let’s start with makeup discounts from SEPHORA! These Sephora Coupon Code from Groupon (click) can be used Online or In-Store
  • For my sporty and sneakerhead friends, you may want to snag amazing discounts from NIKE just use these Groupon codes! Just do it! (click)
  • Skincare addicts might want to grab hold of these coupon codes from KOHL (yes you can use them online or in-store!) Thank you!
  • Or if you have vacation plans for the Holidays but you don’t have a place to stay yet , you may want to check out the discounts and deals provided by, just used the Groupon codes provided on the link . I saw some deals with one night free, rebates reaching up to US$570. Great deals to see Disney World, visit New York, London, Miami, Las Vegas, Hawaii and many other vacation spots around the world!

I hope you get the chance to visit Groupon and find the deal that is meant for you.  There are thousand deals out there ! Do let me know if you are able to use one!  I am excited for you!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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