Tulip Chocolate + Wonderful Indonesia Festival Finds

Never been to Indonesia, yet. But I might be there, soon.

Just recently, I got acquainted with some of Indonesian products and culture at the recently held Wonderful Indonesia Festival held at Glorietta Activity Center, Makati City.

The festival was meant to boost the ever-growing trade relations of Indonesia and Philippines.  Did you know that Indonesia’s export to the Philippines has reached US$3.92 in 2015 according to the Indonesian Ministry of Trade.  While Philippines investment in Indonesia for the period 2011-2015 approximately amounted to US$ 25 million.

Tulip chocolate


Among the 30 exhibitors who participated at the event, Tulip Chocolates was one of the products that caught my attention.   Aside from being a chocolate lover and consumer myself, it is really rare to find good quality chocolate from the ASEAN region because of our climate.

Tulip Chocolate makes specialty chocolate products made specifically for baking and cooking needs (although you can eat them straight from the pack if you want!).   Did you know that Tulip Chocolate is the chocolate fillings inside your favorite Choco Pao  / Panda Pao from Chowking and your Chocolate Kariman from MiniStop?  Most of your favorite desserts from 5 star hotels in the country also use Tulip Chocolates for their chocolate infused desserts!

To show guests and on-lookers how easy it is to prepare delicious desserts using Tulip Chocolate a quick dessert making demo was held at the event venue.  Everyone drooled over the good looking desserts and was awed to find out how easy it was to make!

Wonderful Indonesia Festival 2016 Tulip Chocolate

Aside from Tulip Chocolate, did you know that Kopiko and Deka is also from Indonesia?  

The two days event has 30 exhibitors, showcasing products like handicrafts, leather products, herbal products, instant noodles, chocolates, beverages, jewelleries, tourism packages and many others.  A group of exhibitors from North Sulawesi province, the closest Indonesian province to the Philippines, showcases a variety of their SMEs products.

The Wonderful Indonesia Festival is particularly supported by The Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia which  has invited “Bandung World Ethnic”, a group of dancers, musicians and singers  to perform various Indonesian cultural performances for Filipino audience.

You may watch a clip of their performance in the video below:

We also spoke to the Erna Hetlina from the Indonesian Embassy who told us other beautiful places to visit aside from Bali.  On top of her mind werer Yogyakarta, Borobodur, Prambanan (which she said has temples that looks like the ones you find in Angkorwat, Cambodia), Seminyak among others.

With all that she mentioned, I can’t wait to have my own #TripofWonders at the #WonderfulIndonesia soon!

How about you, have you been to Indonesia before? Where did you go? Do tell!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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