Happenings: Olay x Lloren + Payoneer Launches

Just two of the events I attended recently happened at the Bonifacio Global City were the launch of the Olay x Lloren uniforms and the formal launch of Payoneer in the Philippines. 

Olay x Lloren

The Olay x Jojie Lloren collaboration was to create unique,  streamlined,  and elegant uniforms for Olay sales ladies at Olay beauty counters.  These ladies cam give skin care advise and use their high tech skin detection gadget to know your skin condition and which Olay product suits you.    I love the design,  especially the skirts.  They also look like FA’s  really nice.


Payoneer launch Philippines


Finally after being here since 2012 I think,  Payoneer has formally launched in the Philippines.  They are a FinTech product that they claim to be be much better than the competitor PayPal.  Payoneer they said will suit the online Filipino workers that is on the rise.   Everyone can sign up for a free account and link their existing bank or atm accounts to easily withdraw monies.

Personally I’m a PayPal user and I’ve been one since I started being an online Filipino worker and so far so good I’m happy with it and I have no plans of switching.  

That’s all for now I do have many other stories to tell but I’m in a writers block and need more inspiration to write longer and nicer stories,  hopefully soonest I have a lot to tell!

Stay gorgeous everyone!  




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