#KwentongJollibee Taps Wattpad Storytellers

After making everyone cry at their short TV commercial length video stories , #KwentongJollibee finds another way to get through the hearts of their global Filipino patrons as they tap Wattpad Storytellers to write  heatwarming stories for them.

Jollibee, Wattpad and Adspark partnerned together and met up with the first trance of Wattpad Storytellers to develop stories for Kwentong Jollibee on mobile. This is the first branded storytelling tie-up for the brands and hopefully will flourish further. The first three stories launched for this project were One Thing Remains by Ilyn Danganan, Memory Lane by Bianca Bernardino, and ByChance of Fate by Tina Lata.

Kwentong Jollibee Writers

AdSpark CEO Bela Gupta

Each story targets different age groups of interest, but showcases the Filipino culture as being kind, hospitable and joyful. As in the digital campaign that inspired these Wattpad stories, Jollibee played a role in the lives of the characters as they went through their own personal journeys.

One Thing Remains is the story of Carlo and Chesca, two inseparable siblings whose relationship is tested when Chesca becomes too occupied with her new life as a college student. Memory Lane is a story about Mariel and Marco, a couple who decide to separate on their 58thmonthsary. They accidentally meet again, and the nostalgia of their past relationship is too compelling to ignore. Chance of Fate tells the compelling story about a grandfather named Gilbert, who fears of returning to his favorite restaurant where he first met his first love, Lydia.

If you ask why these three writers were the first selected to write for #KwentongJollibee partnership with Wattpad.  Ilyn is one of the most successful Wattpad writers who has over 90 million followers and counting.  Tina has writen stories that have been adapted by TV5 to become their TV shows and series.  While Bianca is the writer behind the very popular She’s Dating the Gangster movie which incidentally with have a part 2 soon!

However, if you think you can do better, or can level to their of writing or better , and can generate the interest of millions of Wattpad users then do so.   Jollibee invited the Wattpad community to share their own Kwentong Jollibee in this modern and convenient platform. Each of the user-generated stories reflects Jollibee’s role in making memorable moments with their loved ones. Special Jollibee awards will be given to the nine chosen winners at the SMX Convention Center on September 18, 2016 as part of Wattpad’s much awaited annual writing contest –The Wattys.

#KwentongJollibee Taps Wattpad Storytellers

#KwentongJollibee Taps Wattpad Storytellers

AdSpark, a wholly owned subsidiary of Globe Telecom specializing in mobile-first digital marketing solutions, is the official advertising partner for Wattpad in the Philippines.

Read the three stories with your desktop or mobile device by downloading the Wattpad app on Google Play or Apple App Store or by visiting www.wattpad.com/user/Jollibee.

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