Sleeping in Airports Part 2: KLIA2 Airport Malaysia

This is the second part of the series I started #SleepinginAirports .  First post was sleeping in Bangkok Airport in Thailand where I discovered a hotel facility like sleeping quarters for travelers who dont want to leave the airport vicinity to catch their next flight.

For this post I will blog about my experience sleeping in Kuala Lumpur Airport (KLIA2 Airport Malaysia) because I had a long layover before my next flight.  Although there are cheap hotels and motels in KL, I did not want to spend on transportation.

Where to sleep in Kuala Lumpur Airport (KLIA2 Airport)

Sleeping in Airports: KLM Airport Malaysia
Reading the signs does one good.  Going around the area I saw signages of sleeping areas with bed on the sign.  Following it led me to the basement level 2 by the mall area and found Capsule by Container Hotel.

The name is already a giveaway, you will sleep in a Capsule, or small box type of sleeping space.  Don’t worry there is a lot of privacy as there is blind type of cover you can pull down so nobody sees you inside.  Lighting and power outlets is available in your own sleepig box and a laptop table.

Sleeping in Airports: KLM Airport Malaysia

Sleeping in Airports: KLM Airport Malaysia
Upon checking in, they will provide you with your hygiene kit with towels and dental kit which is awesome. You will be provided with a keycard for your locker where you can stash in your luggages and carry ons.

Male and Female guests have separate quarters.  The place is perfect for solo travels .  I got the single bed of course but they also have bigger beds for couple or for those who have a child with them.  Yeah, I heard a child with her mum in one of the capsules.

sleeping in airports: klia2 airport

Sleeping in Airports: KLM Airport Malaysia
The capsule is made of giant container vans but it was very comfy to sleep inside.  You have your own pillow and blankets and you have control of your lights.

I also love the shower area.  It has hot and cold shower with shampoo and conditioner and good enough space to hang your clothes.  They also have hair dryer so you don’t go out for your flight with wet hair.  This is perfect for those who want to feel fresh before their next flight!

sleeping in airports: klia2

Sleeping in Airports: KLM Airport Malaysia
In case you don’t want to sleep and just need a place to leave your luggages they also have locker rentals.  When I was there I slept there and rented a locker when my sleeping time was up.  But there are options to just avail of the shower-on-the-go and the locker rentals if you don’t want to sleep and just go around the airport.

Sleeping in Airports: KLM Airport Malaysia

Price for Sleeping:

  • 3 hours for RM45.00
  • 6 hours for RM70.00
  • 12 hours for RM90.00

Price for Locker Rental RM20.00

Price for Shower-on-the-Go PM15.00

I enjoyed my stay in Capsule, it was very comfortable and clean and luggages are safe with their friendly and efficient staff. I will stay here again if I need to again.

How about you, have you tried sleeping in capsule type of acccommodation? How about sleeping in airports have you done it before? Tell me your story!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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