What I Think About Storks The Movie + Love + Life In General

If we could all just order a baby to be delivered by a Stork would you get one?

Maybe I was not in the mood when I was watching Storks the movie because while the audience laughed I was just quiet digesting every single details of the film and thinking to myself,  “this is a general patronage movie,  why are they teaching child audiences nonsense?”

I mean,  kids these days are smart,  they know that babies don’t come as you order it they way you want it delivered door-to-door via a bird.  I mean seriously,  if we all could do that, it will be big trouble.  Or well I think those couple who are having difficulty in bearing a child could use this.

Anyway,  I’m sorry to bursts your bubbles.  The movie in itself is very entertaining,  I heard a lot of laughter and I did laugh at times.   My favorite part was everything the pack of wolves  did and said they are so hilarious!   

Animation was impeccable.  Love those googly eyes and adorable little babies, I want them to be real dolls I could collect them all.   Script was entertaining yet it was deep and dark in a way,  you know on the side it tackles the following:

1. How we all try to impress other people by doing what they expect us to do.

2. How sad and lonely it feels like to be on top.

3. How you cannot escape your destiny.

4. How we all crave for love and acceptance and belongingness.

5. The harder you try the more you screw things up.

6. We don’t get what we want but we get what we deserve.

7. When everyone else is gone your  family will always be there to stick with you.

8. Love comes in many forms and shapes it does not discriminate.  Once you feel it you feel it.  It’s hard to escape.

Yeah I know,  so many thoughts on an animated film.   It’s a family movie,  you can watch with your kids just don’t go over analyzing like I did.   Sometimes I overthink.

Storks the movie is now showing a theater near you!  Bring the entire family and have some laughs.  And then get a lot of questioning from your little ones afterwards (cause the movie will raise a lot of questions especially for inquisitive kids!)  Hehe!

Stay gorgeous everyone!  

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