What’s New from the #BloggerMailBox 5 + Being a Gentleman

Flaking, people do that all the time. Especially when we get anxious and overthink. But there’s one thing for sure, we are not psychics here, we don’t read minds. So, if there’s something you want to know or clear out with someone tell them. Be the gentleman and make sense of it all.

Like some boys I know, they flake. They flake because they think they’re not good enough. That somebody’s out of their league. That he is boring. That she’s got good things going. What if she’s making sense of her world because you were there. Then suddenly you flaked so she has to find something else to make herself busy with. Because she is a strong woman and you are a strong man. It all ends up that everyone pretends to be busy but what they really are are lonely people trying hard to be important .

I’m glad some brands and PR friends still thinks I’m important to them so they send me out products to post on my blog or IG. No strings attached but a form of appreciation is always welcome. It’s a two-way street.

Now that said. Here’s some new things sent to my #BloggerMailBox:


Silka products from my Sampleroom family.

Asus Zenvolution

Asus stuff from Asus Philippines. Yay! My most favorite powerbank , their credit card size powerbank , has a twinee! Plus a waterproof case when I take underwater adventures and want to take my non-waterproof fone with me.


A lightbulb moment! I super love this Moodboard USB powered lamp! S sexy and artsy and classy! Love it!

Thank you Sampleroom, Asus and Moodboard1

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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