Why The Girl on the Train is Scarier than Train to Busan

For more than a month, a lot of people have raved about how scary good Train to Busan was. I think that was a given part of the movie knowing for the fact that there are zombies in it and that they are out to eat your flesh and then turn you into one. It is a creepy thought and a recurring “fantasy” of movie and TV screen writers and directors to make the audience shit in their pants. But I will give the crown of the scariest movie of the year for me (the movie that was shown this year that I’ve seen) to The Girl on the Train.

Why do I think The Girl on the Train is Scarier than Train to Busan?

For one, it is something that happens in real life and you will never know what hit you until it’s too late!

Sometimes we believe we did something or we are someone we are really not, but because somebody we trust said we did and we were we believe it. Realization will only dawn on us until clarity comes in and all illusions disappeared and find out everything we think we know are lies all lies. The truth is scarier than fiction.

Betrayal of trust, is on of the scariest thing that we all never want to happen to us. Everything that comes along with the betrayal, like lying, cheating, deception, depression, anger, sadness and feeling of loneliness is a hard thing to encounter.

What I loved best about The Girl on The Train is the unpredictability of the storyline. You will never guess what happened until the movie is 3/4ths through.

I enjoy it a lot. It was an amazing psycho thriller! It was very graphic as well. It was rated R16 by MTRCB.

The Girl on the Train stars Emily Blunt, Justin Theroux, and Rebecca Ferguson. Movie by DreamWorks Pictures’ film Directed by Tate Taylor. Showing October 5,2016 on all Cinemas nationwide.

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