Why Shop at AdoboMall.com

Another online shopping platform? Not really.

Honestly, that was what I thought when I got the invitation for the launch of AdoboMall.com. I thought they would be something like Lazada, Zalora, OLX, YiLinker and the like. I was wrong.

AdoboMall.com is an online mall, literally where shops are displayed individually and shops gets their own inventory displayed. Plus unlike online shopping platforms this one give you that mall kind of experience minus the hassle of bracing the traffic, long lines and carrying your shopping bags with you.

I browsed the site during the event and found their platform uncluttered and confusing like other online shopping platforms. I was also impressed by the the brands that they were able to put up in there first such as Brooks, Mizuno, Wilson, Lotto, TYR, Folded & Hung, American Tourister, High Sierra, Kamiliant, The Aivee Clinic, Flawless, Aqua Mineral, and Botanifique, to name a few, with more premium brands on the way.


In fact the brand managers of the said brands were there during the launch event which makes me feel more comfortable shopping here because I am guaranteed that the items I am buying are not fake like in other online shops, counterfeit products are just everywhere!

“So what is the promise of Adobomall? It’s simple. We offer an online mall for all. The first in the country to offer Filipinos with Real Online Shopping experience – no resellers, no fake accounts, all products are guaranteed to be 100% authentic, delivery period takes less than one week, and we have a visual storefront where you can go directly to the brand that you are looking for without the nuisance of other items you don’t need. Now that’s the experience that Filipinos deserve,” Walt Young CEO of Adobomall said.

Why Adobomall?  They want the site to be distinguished as a Filipino initiative in fact the site logo is a depiction of a bayong,  the shopping basket of Filipinos. 

Filipinos can now experience a real online mall that houses to an array of categories such as clothing and apparel, beauty products, sporting gears, gadgets, home & living, tools and equipment, and even F&B.
Both shopper and brand friendly, Adobomall changes the traditional “marketplace” model of online shopping by allowing its partner brands to extend their current physical store set-up online. It’s like going straight to your favourite brands concept stores, only that you can now do it virtually. A clutter-free interface where you can connect directly to your favourite brands – without fuss and worry, and more importantly, without the fear of counterfeit and overpriced products.

This is the kind of online shopping you have been waiting for, all made possible by Adobomall. Enter Adobomall.com and discover online mall shopping. Like it on Facebook at www.facebook.com/adobomall and follow it on Instagram www.instagram.com/adobomall for the latest updates and special deals. Discover #RealOnlineShopping at Adobomall.

Happy shopping!

Stay gorgeous eveyrone!

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