Things to do for Luck & Prosperity Before 2017 Chinese New Year

The Chinese people has a lot of influence over how we Filipino live. One practice everyone seems to be adopting now , inspite of religion , is Feng Shui.  Following tips or things it suggest you do for luck and prosperity seems to be effective for most.  Because of that the number of people practicing it increases.

Just recently I met Princes Lim Fernandez, a Feng Shui expert who founded the Yin & Yang Shop of Harmony.  We had a Yin and Yang luncheon at New World Hotel in Makati where she gave us tips on the things to do for luck & prosperity before 2017 Chinese New Year comes this January 28, 2017.

The luncheon featured dishes believed to bring good luck to those who consume it.  We had the Yee Sang salad Prosperity Toss where everyone in the table toss the salad ,the higher you toss the luckier you get.  It was a good kind of mess and it was actually fun to do, the salad taste really good.  All the ingredients in it represents something like the mango which is good for relationships.

You may watch this video to see all the food we had and why we had it. Plus things you need to do for luck & prosperity before 2017 Chinese New Year.

I am sharing what I learned from Princess so that everyone can live in abundance this 2017.

On January 12, 17, 21, 22, 24, and 25, 2017 is the bet days to GET A HAIR CUT.  Hair cut symbolizes you are cutting ties with the past year and everything bad in it.  It also symbolizes a fresh start.

Have a THANKSGIVING or offering of prayers most improtantly thanks which include treating people with snacks or food and remember to say Thank you!

On January 13, 2017 , CLEAN YOUR ALTAR , whatever faith / religion you practice.  Cleaning your altar and place offerings such as fresh flowers, lighting candles and four pieces of oranges or apples on your altar. Never forget to say Thanks.  Prepare snacks most importantly FRESH LUMPIA!  Fresh lumpia symbolizes changing your luck or mending your luck so that you are prepared for the year to come.

On January 21, 2017, CLEAN YOUR KITCHEN and offer Thanksgiving. Because before you ask for blessings to come you have to say thanks first. Go to church or temple or whatever religion you practice offer a prayer of thanks.  At home,clean your altar too and put some offering.

On January 22 up to January 27 , 2017 that’s the time to DO SPRING CLEANING. Start from the outside going in.  For the outside, have a fresh coat of paint.  Trim the shrubbery, fix your gardens.  THROW AWAY THINGS YOU DON’T NEED!   If you haven’t used it for a year or two then there’s a chance you won’t be using it at all. DECLUTTER.  How will new thing come in if you don’t get rid of the old.  The premise of Feng Shui is to make changes in your life, you make changes in your home.  If you want new and better things to come in then make changes in your house.

And lastly on January 27, 2017, for those who want to welcome the Chinese New Year, Year of the Fire Rooster with a bang, New World Hotel has a celebration that will start at 10PM. They will have fire crackers, luck transforming ritual, dragon dance, lion dance, and the whole sheebang.

Aside from the practice she also showed some luck cures you can get , especially for those sign who is said to not do good for this year.  You may visit the Yin & Yan Shop of  Harmony at the New World Hotel Makati or Makati Shangri-La Hotel.   For consultations and you can call them at 632 752 5882 or visit

Good luck to everyone and May All Your Wishes Be Fulfilled!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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