Fam Dinner at Jatujak via BigDish

Jatujak via BigDish

I was missing Thai food so I decided to book us a dinnera at Jatujak via BigDish.  My sister is going to Japan for an entire week so this would be our pre-Valentines fambam dinner.  I picked the branch at SM Megamamall since it was just a few blocks from home.  I made sure everyone is hungry before taking them there, so I did not cook any dinner at all.

We arrived 15 minutes earlier than my reservation time of 8:30pm as advised by my friends from BigDish.  Resto resto was not full when we arrived but they had a table reserved for us and a couple was sittting there about to finish.  They had us wait for them which is totally fine since we were early.  I also liked the spot they want us to sit in so we waited.

Sister went to the store across Jatujak to buy some cute stuff before her trip. A brown paper package envelope like laptop sleeves.  She likes out-of-this-world thingamajigs.

Before sis got back from shopping , we were already seated by our table and I started ordering.  I ordered the salads Pomelo & Shrimp Salad and Minced Chicken Salad , Tom Yum Shrimp, Pad Thai Chicken, Chicken Sate, Beef with Basil, Glass Noodle Beef Brisket,  Sampler Appetizer (Shrimp Cake, Fresh Vegetarian and Pork Springrolls, Sticky Rice with Mango. and of course their signature Thai Iced Tea.

I didn’t realize I ordered a lot!

Daughter loved her Glass Noodle Beef Brisket she finished the entire bowl.  She likes noodles and soups and this one is perfect. The glass noodles were al dente.  The beef brisket had this just right sweetness.  It was more Pinoy tasting than Thai, but the daughter liked it so it is fine by me!   However if I was to eat this I would add some spices!

Glass Noodle Beef Brisket at Jatujak via Big Dish

Here are the spices that Jatujak highly recommend to Thai-up soup dishes

Jatujak via Big Dish
Sis had the Tom Yum Shrimp cooked the mormal way , you know the normal bit of spicy Thai way.

Jatujak via Big Dish
I am allergic to shrimps but when I want to eat one I take my meds. Thanks Claritin for the supply! I am enjoying my food trips recently!

Super loved the Pomelo & Shrimp Salad and the Minced Chicken Salad! I think the Minched Chicken Salad is very Thai, more of that sour and little spice not too sweet which is perfect! No umay factor that I finished it all!

Jatujak via Big Dish
Mom enjoyed the Pomelo & Shrimp Salad and the Tom Yum Shrimp. She loves shrimp. I can’t say more I did not have a piece of shrimp at all just the soup and pomelo hah!

Jatujak via Big Dish
The Chicken Sate had an abundance of peanut which I really liked!

Jatujak via Big Dish
I couldn’t say the same about the Pad Thai. It needs improvement.

Jatujak via Big Dish
Thumbs up for the Beef and Basil , from all the dishes we ordered this one tasted very Thai mostly because the basil flavor that envelopes the beef.

Jatujak via Big Dish
Pork Belly taste like BBQ except it’s a pork belly and the meat is very tender and juicy.

Jatujak via Big Dish
The Sampler was my fave. They taste better with the sauces that gives it that Thai characer and punch. Yummy!

Jatujak via Big Dish
Of course I won’t forget the Thai Iced Tea , no it’s not the milk tea this one has no milk. I like that it is not too sweet and doesn’t taste like sugar.

Jatujak via Big Dish
We finished the Sticky Rice & Mango, there goes my no-rice diet ugh! I love the softness and sweetness of the sticky rice , no umay factor, the mango makes the taste more interesting. Is there coconut milk in the rice? I think so. It’s sooooo good I don’t have a solo pic of it! Hah!

Jatujak via Big Dish
Jatujak has been in the country since 2010 and I am surprised that their price range never went up really high. I also noticed how their food is more Pinoy tasting than Thai but that is because they don’t want to surprise their dinners with that distinct Thai taste. However if accostomed to authentic Thai dishes you may tell them to make your dish the Thai way (spicy or very spicy) or you can just add spices from their condiment rack on the table.

For all the 9 dishes , 1 dessert and 2 drinks we had our tab amounted to Php2,600+++ but because of the 10% discount I got from BigDish for our food we didn’t go over our budget of Php2,500 for this dinner! Yay! All I did was book via BigDish on my phone but you can do it on your desktop as well and viola! Instant discount. You can also get up to 50% off on your meal (drinks not included) depending on the time of the day you book.

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Stay gorgeous everyone!

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