Beauty and the Beast in 4DX Cinema with Rain and SNOW

Beauty and the Beast in 4DX Cinema with Rain and SNOW

Beauty and the Beast in 4DX Cinema

It was my first time to watch a 4Dx movie in the Philippines and I was glad that the movie featured during this experience was Beauty and the Beast. It was my first time to get immersed in all sorts of weather conditions in one sitting. Literally taking me in for a whole new world of film appreciation involving a senses: sights, smell, touch, taste and hearing.

While the 4DX cinema at the Bonifacio Global City Central Square had been there for awhile now, they have made some improvements such as adding the rain and snow feature. Beauty and the Beast was the perfect movie for this as the Beast castle was located in a cold stormy hidden far away place in the forest.

You’ll spin, you’ll stumble (but you want fall off your seat) you’ll get free facial mists and back and foot massages and even smell the wonderful scent of roses even when the last petal falls.

Here is a small clip of what to expect on your 4DX Movie House with Rain and Snow experience. P.S. I did not take videos while movie was on-going because piracy is a crime haha!

Thank you Bonifacio Global City for having me in this special screening and launch of the new and imoroved 4DX cinema. I sreally feel that BGC is my second home now as I am always there haha. Honestly I love taking walks around BGC I’m such a #BGCitizen already I just need to move in lol! Thank you Disney Ph for making this possible.

4DX Cinema is located at the Bonifacio Global Street Central Square Cinema 4.

How about you have you seen a 4DX movie yet?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

P.S.S If you have been to Disneyland this 4dx cibema kibda have that feel.

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