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celebrity styleAnything that we wear or carry becomes a part of our fashion statement. Everyone has a different fashion stance from each other but there are some people who become trend setters. What this means is that their clothes, their hairstyle and their shoes stand out and is followed by millions of people. There are also another set of people who go crazy about the celebrities they like and decide wearing clothes as per them. Celebrities have for too long been known to create new and fashionable trends, wear the most bizarre outfits and carry them flawlessly and it is no brainer if people wish to follow their lead. However, these clothes endorsed by celebrities are extremely expensive and cannot be afforded by everyone. Let’s take a look at some of the more affordable celebrity fashion:

Sports Shoes

Sports shoes come in various designs and are extremely important if you are someone who exercise every 2 or 3 days or run a lot. As such, sports shoes should be of good quality and must last for a couple of months if not years as it is used for heavy training. There is a chance of ligament or muscle injury if sports shoes are not good. But good sport shoes are extremely costly and the ones that celebrities use, well one can’t even think of buying them. However, brands like Sketchers, Adidas and Reebok offer very trendy styles and are also in good books of celebrities


Dresses are every girls dream and what do you think of the ones which are worn by your favourite movie stars like Penelope Cruz or Megan Fox. You will probably think it is just something you cannot afford. But celebritied as famous and as rich as these are, also go for a brand which they feel offers them value. Brands like Emporia Armani are very famous amongst celebrities for their dresses and they are not all exactly costly. You could maybe buy one or two if not all the dresses they have to offer.

Handbags and purses

Bags are a style statement and for most of us, it is one of the most famous fashion accessory. It is not only a utility but a right bag will do wonders for your outfit. You must know when to use a tote bag, when to use a handbag and when to use that sling that you have. Not to mention, these come from multiple brands like UGG which are famous amongst a lot of celebrities who set trends.


Denims are comfort clothes and make you look good if coupled with just a good tee. But denims are the costliest of the lot probably because they last for years and years. And branded denims, the kind that celebrities prefer, well don’t you ask. And yet, there are celebrities like Taylor Lautner who purchase their denims from brands like Diesel, which may not be very affordable but make buying celebrity clothing a reality. And honestly, it is worth investing your money in denims, as you can use a pair for a couple of years and don’t have to buy similar design and colour again and again as they can be coupled with pretty much all kinds of clothes.


While there are places where wearing boots is an absolute necessary, there are these other people who wear boots only because it is a style statement. Paired with the correct clothes, boots can make you look amazing and celebrities leverage this to your advantage. Brands like Ugg provide some really trendy boots which are famous amongst celebrities and you can see them flaunting it whenever they can. And no, they are not that costly if you think about it, but you can wear them only on certain occasions and you should absolutely buy them if it makes you happy.


Who doesn’t love jackets? Jackets come in various designs and types, be it the business blazers or the long cardigans. And celebrities love them. They provide an extra layer of clothing no doubt but they also make you look fabulous. And brands like Henley’s are famous amongst the most fashionable celebs in town. A tailored jacket makes you look more than perfect if there is such a thing. And don’t you forget, it will make everyone around jealous, so take your pick and rock it.

These brands are sure costly but they are must-haves if you want to look like your favourite celebrity. If you cannot afford them, you can buy these from MandM Direct on discounted prices so that you can live your dreams in a fashionable way! So while you are at it, you might also want to hide them all as everyone is going to be after you to beg, borrow or steal your favourite outfits.

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