Wonder Woman Wander Woman #WIWTD 106

Boracay of the North Anguib Beach Sta.Ana Cagayan Valley

Wonder Woman #WIWTD 106

Wonder Woman has always been my super hero. Then and now she never fails to amaze me.  She to me is the epitome of an empowered woman.  I love her more than girls my age love Barbie in my childhood. They watch Barbie on TV,  I watch Wonder Woman with Lybda Carter as the lead (yes I am that old).  They play dress up Barbie, I play with my lasso, climb trees, and play Karate Kid stuff.

We spent our lenten weekend on a trip up North of the Philippines , Cagayan Valley.  It is actually my mother’s hometown but since it was too far from Manila I never get to visit until now.  I was one of the media partners of the 4th Partakan Festival which always happens at this side of the country.  I took the opportunity to finally step foot at my mom’s province. I also invited some bligger friends to join me in this trip.  I knew I needed great company with me on a long roadtrip.

Reaching the edge of the Philippines up North , we took the chance to take as many photos and videos as we could as souvenirs.

This shoot with Mang Ted (haha)  Ted Claudio of Wazzup.Ph  was one of my favorite as it captured my Wonder Woman inspired look.  Let me gloat on all the gorgeous photos I have.   So here is an #OOTD #WIWTD

WIWTD 106 Wonder Woman

WIWTD 106 Wonder Woman

WIWTD 106 Wonder Woman

WIWTD 106 Wonder Woman

Wiwtd 106 Wonder Woman

WIWTD 106 Wonder Woman

What I Wore:
Bikini Top: I Love Koi Swim
Highwaist bikini bottom: Eika Swimwear
Shot at: Anguib Beach Sta.Ana Cagayan Valley
Shot by: Ted Claudio
It was a long roadtrip to reach Sta.Ana Cagayan Valley, going there from Manila took us 21 hours ride! Watch our roadtrip from Manila to Sta.Ana Cagayan here:

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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