#CPKWars2017 Yield Surpsingly New Pizza Flavor Out in time for #NationalPizzaDay2017 in August

#CPKWars2017 Garlic Cream Cheese Pizza

Pizza is life to me in spite of calorie counter telling me I will need 55 minutes jogging time to burn one slice with everything on it. Who cares,  I will eat what I want coz it makes me happy,  I don’t smoke,  drink sodas and rarely drink alcohol plus I have a lot of housechores  to do to burn everything even before bedtime.  Plus,  pizza has different flavors and make that some are actually healthier and a complete meal in itself.
#CPKWars2017 Garlic Cream Cheese Pizza

Just recently,  the grand finals of the CPK Pizza Wars 2017 #CPKWars2017 was held at the California Pizza Kitchen branch at Shangri-la Mall and again I have tried three suprsingly new pizza flavors that will be competing to be released in time for the National Pizza Day 2017 in August.

The grand winner by a hairline agaist the winner by my standard is the Garlic Cream Cheese Pizza an entry made by Rommel Panaligan of CPK ATC branch  because of the sausage,  garlic and cheese mix I guess.

#CPKWars2017 Garlic Cream Cheese Pizza

My bet , which was the almost winner by dot point 2  points was the Thai Beef Pizza created by Danny Fernandez of CPK Greenbelt 5 . I love the little spice,  freshness and complimenting different flavors that is so Thai!  I do hope they take into consideration  putting this in the menu in the future!

#CPKWars2017 Thai Beef Pizza

The third pizza was made by Jay Mar Dela Paz of CPk Promenade Greenhills, the Chicken Banh Mi Pizza.
#CPKWars2017 Chicken Bang Mi Pizza

California Pizza Kitchen has been holding new pizza creations competition for their in house chefs to cultivate creativity and encourage new flavor creations for 3 years now. All pizza winner in the competition gets a place in their regular menu after it. Whichbgives pride to the creators.

So, what’s your flavor?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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